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A server that has an ever-changing theme with Anime, Gaming, And Pokemon!



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WELCOME TO EVERLAND!!! If you are wondering what our server is about, we are a community that changes theme every week, this week being no theme because it's the first week! #the-shore is our general chat if you are confused. We have giveaways, corresponding to your Mee6 Level. Our #theme-schedule will clarify our server's theme in advance. If you are here to partner, please check out #partner-requirements to see if you qualify. If you want to use bots, go to #fairy-workshop. #heckles-bar is the place for memes! You can show off amazing food in #fantasia-fud. We have pokecord and pokemoin! #pokecord-general is the normal chat where mons can spawn! We also have gyms! Who doesn't like anime!? I mean there are #romance-drama , #ecchi, #fanasty-magic , #action-adventure , #slice-of-life , #comedy and many more! Or you can discuss it generally in #anime-chat ! We LOVE art! Please show off your amazing skills in #art-showcase and #music-symphony. We teach essential life skills such as #coding , #hacking , #smiths , #board-games like Chess, #cosmotology and more! We adore Content creators and we support the showcasing of them in #youtube , #twitch , etc. We also have a lounge for Content Creators! We have Gaming! Well this category is pretty self-explainatory so here is the main chat for that #gamers-lounge . WE HELP WITH HOMEWORK! If you ever need homework help, ping a @Tutor in #homework-help-chat and we will be there for you! And what is a server without caring for the ones who are in troubling times. We have #relationship-help , #stress-relief , #anger-management , and a #rant channel. And we would like to have some feedback about the server and how to approve in #server-suggestions, #channel-suggestions , #report-a-user , and #rate-a-staff. Don't forget about the NSFW! Even though that is still in development( NSFW isn't a specialty) we are starting with a few basic channels.

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