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Sakura Onsen | Anime & Art Discord

Active Friendly and Relaxed Otaku Server With its own OC Sakura! Make great friends while exploring this awesome server!

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avatar of Aimi Himiki ❦
Aimi Himiki ❦ 6 days ago

Been in the server over a year and Sakura Onsen still feels like family. Overall I like the server a lot, got to see it grow over the year, I'd like to thank Chaga for creating Sakura Onsen. Idk how and why he did it but it's awesome :SOkek: Note: I'll give you a warm welcome when you join (when i'm not asleep ofc)


avatar of SobaBunn
SobaBunn 11 days ago

Great anime server!


avatar of ! Starkky
! Starkky 8 days ago

It's anime based server but has only 1 Anime channel. There should be a category of it, if it's has Anime Title.


avatar of beth
beth 6 days ago

I think sakura onsen is a great server. It makes me feel at home B). It's a very fun place to be a part of. The members are really nice (minus the trolls). :kekgiggle: The staff members are really funny and very poggies =). Join sakura onsen today!! <33


avatar of Razr
Razr 6 days ago

Sakura Onsen is many things! It's an area to commission art, perhaps an area to simply meet new people, but one thing that it absolutely has been for me and many others is a home. There are several different channels for anyone ranging from games, art, music, writing, just pretty much anything you would want (plus the ability to suggest even more lovely possibilities or changes!). The community in itself is very entertaining and supportive. If you decide to stick around I can almost guarantee you will make friends here! All in all Sakura Onsen offers something to me that other servers don't quite have. Sure, other servers have games, art, and etc. However, Sakura is so unique to me because over the past two years I have been apart of this server it has served as a home in my best and worst of times. Maybe this server isn't for you, but I would say you're missing out severely if you haven't tried it yet! We will welcome you with open arms, and I hope to see you around!!


avatar of ✦ E̴r̴r̵o̷r̴ ̵F̵o̸x̵ ✦
✦ E̴r̴r̵o̷r̴ ̵F̵o̸x̵ ✦ 3 days ago

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