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Welcome to MHX's Cave! We have nitro giveaways, an amazing community and a lot of emojis! Join if you don't want to miss out! :D




  • Hello, welcome to MHX's Cave!

➥ This is a community server to find new friends and to just talk about anything you want! We have many fun bots to play around with and an active community! We also host events such as Simon Says, XP Events and more!

What you can do in MHX's Cave:

┇ You can participate in nitro giveaways/events

┇ Many cool + fun bots such as MEE6, OwO or Dank Memer

┇ Custom Bot with Economy System

┇ Listen to music with various bots

┇ Chill and have fun!

(Boosts are appreciated!! :D)

User Reviews


Based on 22 reviews

avatar of AndrewDaGuy
AndrewDaGuy 4 months ago

very kool and epic server, good community


avatar of raxn
raxn 3 months ago

Great server


avatar of emdeeel
emdeeel 4 months ago

Very epic server with a great community peepoClap Active server with a nice and welcoming community, tons of emotes, and a good moderation team. a


avatar of -dark-
-dark- 2 months ago

its so cool that I cant find the words to describe this server with


avatar of Ahsan
Ahsan 2 months ago

Pog champ server yes, also frequent nitro giveaways + events


avatar of TMR
TMR 2 months ago

ok boomer


avatar of iiKinqbear🐑
iiKinqbear🐑 3 months ago

The server is pretty organized and perfect, but the slowmode is a problem since the chat isn't really active, they can use turn it off when the chat is dead, but when it's active, they can just increase the slowmode a bit. But overall, great server to hangout with people, 8/10!

avatar of MHX's Cave
MHX's Cave 3 months ago

Usually as a security measure we have to keep slowmode on at least one second to keep the server safe and reduce the chance of large raids being successful or a rulebreaker easily breaking the rules. Thanks for the feedback!

Replying to iiKinqbear🐑

avatar of Happi
Happi 2 months ago

dis server bery kool bery epic i luv it <33333 lylylylylylyly


avatar of ttv/dimarques4
ttv/dimarques4 2 months ago

very good server and they do more than 5 giveaways every day!!!!!


avatar of Suki.ఌ
Suki.ఌ 2 months ago

tbh everyone is really nice and the staff there is pog,, no improvements needed


avatar of TaeKau !
TaeKau ! 1 month ago

epic server , good people so POG


avatar of endeavor
endeavor 1 month ago

very epic emotes and a lot of good roles and perks, also very active and a lot of giveaways! me recommend it!