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Warframe Giveaways

Looking for a bit of plat or just want to give back to the community? Warframe Giveaways is for both the needy, and the generous Tenno!


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Gaming Warframe Giveaway

A Discord server created as a platform for Warframe players to give back to the community by donating towards public giveaways! We're a group of long time players with a background in moderating and/or administrating various communities who're seeking to organize a platform where anyone, if willing, can easily giveaway items to a large following without having to organize everything themselves or go through another Discord that simply doesn't do it often enough or how you would like. Or even here on Reddit, where the post might just get drowned out overtime. Our server aims to be a reliable and friendly platform for Tenno to donate items to the community without having to worry about the logistical aspect of giveaways.