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TacoShack Official Server

Run a TacoShack! Enter giveaways, buy upgrades, hire employees, run franchise ads, and most importantly... sell tacos!




Official Server for the popular bot, TacoShack N|Solid

Join the Server to access features like:

  • Giveaways for TacoShack Cash, Donator Packages, and Nitro!
  • TacoShack Events!
  • Taco Lottery!
  • Increased work/tip money and shorter cooldowns!
  • Levels!
  • Custom Tip Jar Channel!
  • Customer Bot to sell your tacos to!
  • Franchise Recruitment channel!
  • Get support from staff!
  • Meet new people and enjoy our awesome community!

See you there!

User Reviews


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avatar of Absolut Vodka
Absolut Vodka 1 month ago

Got banned from the support server. It has been like years since the ban but I still don't know what I did to get banned. I am still using the bot till this day but the reason behind this ban is still mysterious..

avatar of TacoShack Official Server

Hi there! I actually am not able to locate a ban for your account but did realize you were only really present in July of 2019

Replying to Absolut Vodka

avatar of AnorakX
AnorakX 2 months ago

Never before have I ever felt so at home in a bot community! Even with rapid expansion, I still feel it achieves a similar (granted, not EXACTLY the same) sense of tight-knit community.


avatar of Az_Noobz
Az_Noobz 3 months ago

This the best support server out there. Very nice and friendly mods. Support is the best out of any support servers. Community is the best. And, Hard Boil Cole XD


avatar of BoooshXe
BoooshXe 3 months ago

Awesome server. Helpful community. Tacos!


avatar of hey that is gross

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avatar of TacoShack Official Server

We have strict TOS moderation not allowing people under age to join/be in the server. And we can’t moderate non-NSFW names as we don’t have a rule against it. And in general, not many of our members have names like that.

Replying to hey that is gross

avatar of TacoShack Official Server

We are often very quick to ban people who are rude to other members. And in general we have a very diverse member base. However I do believe you and a handful of friends were having a rough time with our staff as you were trolling, being toxic, rude to other members, and other miscellaneous things

Replying to Vitnamese People Fähnrich III

avatar of VitnamesePeople 2

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avatar of TacoShack Official Server

I believe you and your friends joined our server to troll if I remember correctly. We do have a wide spanning member base that does include people in the weeb community however much of our server isn’t in the weeb community. But nonetheless I do not see how that can call for a one star rating on the same day as 3 other people that gave similar ratings in which all of you were trolling on our server

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avatar of lepinz
lepinz 1 month ago

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avatar of Budes
Budes 28 days ago

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avatar of TacoShack Official Server

Our server isn’t very Reddit based. And I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this and how it’s a really bad thing in calling for a 1 star review.

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avatar of cheesebob04
cheesebob04 11 hours ago

I enjoy my presence here. A nice and active community base, along with a helpful support team. I highly recommend this server, for both TacoShack leveling and inviting community.


avatar of Doggo
Doggo 19 days ago

server is very strict

avatar of TacoShack Official Server

Hi there, we’re strict on people listening to rules. And it’s because we have rules....

Replying to Doggo

avatar of Mistyc
Mistyc 11 days ago

Hi! i really love this bot but now that ive added to my own server i cant find the command to change the prefix