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This server is a community support or just for chatting for all SnailDOS products, Such as, MineCraft server, and all our bot's.



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SnailDOS is a software/Serverside engineer, We design things from discord bots, to minecraft servers to websites, to database to ok ill stop.... Basicly, It's a large team, We have top notch moderators and SnailDOS? Well, We aint as slow as you think, To be honest we be faster then you think, way faster then what your thinking im saying. We have so many differant things for you to try out.

Like minecraft pe? Join our minecraft server (Listed on MCPEDL)

Like discord bots? Use our message backup bot

Have minecraft java? Donate ;D We currently do not have a functioning java minecraft server because we do not have enough resources

Like chatting? Join right now

Like anything else? Seriously... Join, you'll love it.

We are a full setup team, as well as not being as slow as you think, We are as safe as can be, All our servers are at SnailDOS HQ, And we own all our servers, "Oh, but I have 20 servers" look, We OWN, OUR, OWN, SERVERS, Yes, in SnailDOS HQ, No one else has access to the sytem except the owner of course! (Owner here: Hello!) We need more members, And more people supporting us.... And we are hiring more staff!!! Join today. https://snaildos.github.io <-- YES! I KNOW ITS NOT A HYPERLINK YOU CAN SURVIVE! ;D

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