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Wumpus Labs

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Wumpus Labs

EXTREMELY ACTIVE • FUN • WUMPUS • NO TOXICITY • FREE Discord Nitro & PayPal Giveaways • EMOJIS • Unique Events

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Social Fun Giveaway

Wumpus Labs started in December of 2018 and ever since it started, we have striven to be the best.

Over the past few months, we have been dedicated to keeping the community hyped, fun, interactive and safe.

Wumpus Labs includes members from all over the world and the sole purpose of this server is to provide a platform for users to enjoy Discord in a unique, hyped, and qualitative experience.

Daily Giveaways - Discord Nitro, PayPal, Games

Weekly Events - Karaoke / Got Talent, Simon Says, Discord Hype - We ensure all events are extremely unique and of quality - prizes are given to the winners!

Tired of toxic servers with zero moderation? We keep the chat in order but at the same time, we give enough leeway to keep interesting conversations going.