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Starlight is a server based on a restarant aesthetic bUt it's not actually a restaurant so no haha anyways good if u join yes love u thanks


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HEY YOU! YEAH, YOU helo would liek to join hehe yes yes u would

Perks? ✨ Great management! 💙 Fun people! ✨ Amaaaaaaaaazing roles :D 💙 Fantastic theme (Restaurant :)) ✨ Very nice mods (Yay!) 💙 Lots of bots! ✨ Active owners who really try to involve themselves with the server! 💙 A fairly active server!

So uh.. join pls :D

(Don't join only for a partnership, u can't do that :) + this server isn’t actually a restaurant, it’s more of a restaurant aesthetic hehe)

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