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Meme Server with 35,000+ Members and a niche community of people!

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41,733 members 64 emotes

Meme Economy Social

MemeCord is home to tons of memers that share the same need to post memes and have fun. We could go on about memes but we have more than that, so here's a quick list of "that":

  1. Unique "limited role" system that rewards people for being on the server with cosmetic roles that appear for a limited time

  2. Entire chat that's literally just for dumping your epic memes

  3. For some reason we have a separate chat that you can only talk in every 6 hours :P

  4. The server is run by a Meme Youtuber (Memetastic)

  5. Friendly moderators and a welcoming community

  6. Weekly Events for the chance to nab an epic Event Winner role

  7. Community Run game nights. Yes that's right, we let YOU GUYS chip in on events.

  8. Most changes are also community led with polls to give user feedback

We would say more but you should really just join the server and see what's in it for yourself!

Have Fun,