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We are friendly guys who make next-generation chat bots

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This server is our playground for a new generation of bots that learn to think like humans.

@GBot does Google searches for you. Just say GBot: cool festivals in Norway or some such.

@Gazelle is our first bot. She has rules based on examples and exchanges words in these examples to adapt to new input. Her home page is at Effectively, she now says funny and weird things. It's not entirely clear if her code base can be salvaged to get to the next level. Basically, she needs to learn semantic connections between words to get smarter. For now, she's just a funny little jester which most of the time isn't too annoying.

You can make a rule for @Gazelle by saying something like !rule how are you? => i'm good.

@Monkey is a fledgling bot connected to our new general knowledge database For now, he can reproduce answers from verbatim. (To test, enter the question on and add an "answer" entry to the page that appears.)

@eeZee is @LemonAndroid's bot which is learning to construct "pipelines". This means extracting information from an online source, massaging it and then uploading it somewhere (e.g. on Ask him for details.

Finally, @OpenBot is an outside bot which can, for example, play music in the voice channel. The command looks like this: -open music play red hot chili peppers