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A friendly and helping community for Epic Rpg Bot. Our other bots include OwO, Mudae, Dank Memer, Anigame, Poketwo, Pokemeow, Kurata etc




❄️❄️❄️Welcome to Dobby 2! ❄️❄️❄️

ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ One of the most welcoming servers you’ll find to hang out with your friends! ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

✨✨ Main features ✨✨

💎A very active, friendly and helping community and staff :)

💎A whole lot of Sponsor and Booster perks including private rooms

💎Our own custom bot with reminders for almost anything

💎All kinds of fun server contests with rewards every week

💎A total of 6 epic-rpg giveaway channels that you can join

💎Leveling System with Mee6 and Amari bots with cool ranks and perks that you can unlock

💎Music with Rythm bots, Groove, Jockie Music and ChilledBot

💎Dedicated Channels for Reddit and Anime memes

✨✨ Bots ✨✨

🤖 Epic RPG bot with miniboss/arena rooms, horse rooms, duel rooms and self roles based on levels/dungeons/horse etc for finding duel/dungeon/horse partners

🤖 Our own custom reminder bot which helps a lot with Epic rpg commands(4 Extra features that unlocks for Sponsors)

🤖 Poketwo, Pokemeow and Myuu Bots for Pokemon Fans

🤖 OwO Bot for owo stuff

🤖 Trivia, Anime Trivia and Music Trivia bots

🤖 Minecraft Bot

🤖 Mudae,Anigame,Karuta bots for fellow weebs

🤖 Yggdrasil bot for userphones and fun

🤖 Akinator, Chess and Tacoshack bot for fun

If you have read this far, might as well join and try our server!

(>‿◠)✌ See you on the other side! : )

User Reviews


Based on 33 reviews

avatar of not that lazy Rowlet

It's a nice server great mods, friendly players and it has so many giveaways that can help you enchant your equipments. Its good for new players and to some old players that is looking for a suitable and friendly server.


avatar of Clasherdynamo🚀

Great server, everyone is friendly and active. Exciting events and many people to play with on the bots.


avatar of [=Nagatoro=]
[=Nagatoro=] 1 month ago

Yes! Actually I'm on this server! This server brings people closer upon creating the most social friendly server! They're doing everything they can to help a player grow! So what are you waiting for? Join us and play with us!!!


avatar of NgxKing
NgxKing 1 month ago

This is the most quality server i've seen. Its not lagging like the others and less toxic or bad player. The players here are very friendly and kind. I recommend you should try this server!


avatar of Mika
Mika 1 month ago

Super active and helpful server, the staff are great towards everyone. A great place to learn to play the bot, Many giveaways are ran every day and a lot of community events! its a great place to hang out and play!


avatar of qoneythaZu
qoneythaZu 1 month ago

This server is different. Very friendly people and easy to talk here. No worry to ask about anything to anyone


avatar of Khaltrops
Khaltrops 1 month ago

Very fun and solid server, first one I joined, and this place will forever be my main (now that I’m in others) Only one (that I have seen) that thanks you for dropping those precious epic coins on events. Great people and great team. Keep up the good work!


avatar of Sm🖼ieZ💤
Sm🖼ieZ💤 1 month ago

Very nice community! Lots of custom bots, competitions and just a great bunch of people!!! Very active server and well worth joining!!!


avatar of Daf
Daf 1 month ago

dont make unni mad :peace~1:


avatar of 😴Dream Was Taken😴

This an awesome server they do a ton of give aways and if you are trying to play and grind on epic rpg this is the best server for you!


avatar of JM
JM 1 month ago

It's such a nice server, everyone is friendly and kind to help me when Im facing problem. Thx for the boosted-miniboss event that provide me a lot of coins. Thx a lot and enjoy!


avatar of OdMiTiMbO
OdMiTiMbO 1 month ago

Best server out there! Very friendly and helpful staff.


avatar of ||fin||
||fin|| 1 month ago

so many nice people and so many ga its a great server and so many nice people, if i didnt have this server i would never be where i was now


avatar of ***||beepbeepgumy3231||***

Very nice! EPIC RPG, Giveaways, you know the server it's just great, and there are memes also like "oh" and there's a reaction added.


avatar of Pickles.x2
Pickles.x2 1 month ago

By farrrr my favorite server to play Epic RPG in, very friendly group, lots of things to do ! Staff are always quick to help, be it info about the game, issues between member (which RARELY happens !).


avatar of Templar
Templar 1 month ago

Lots of giveaways! lol great server to help those starting out and even veteran players


avatar of jagaworldwide
jagaworldwide 1 month ago

Big fan of Dobby2! They have a locally managed reminder bot for epic rpg with CD reduction for the various donor tiers. They host fun events (Wenyamania fish festival was just last week) and prioritize creating a friendly and encouraging environment for new and veteran players alike. Highly recommended!


avatar of Grace1606
Grace1606 1 month ago

Very friendly community, love it a lot. If you join you feel very welcomed.


avatar of Dank._.p
Dank._.p 1 month ago

The administration team is sooooo generous and mostly the interaction between each of the members just GAAAAHHHH. I really recommend you guys to join. AND no this is not one of those fake reviews. But just don't forget to follow the rules !