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Super accepting gaming community. With special chat for just Gamer Girls! Stop playing with randoms. Always have a friend to game with.




Server started out as a community for Steffyevans10 Tiktok and Twitch but has become so much more. It has became a platform for all types of gamers to get along and have a full team to always play with. We know how toxic the gaming world can be to girl gamers or those in the LGBTQ+ community. Server has a dedicated DYOD (Do Your Own Dishes) role which gives access to chats only allowed access for anyone who identifies as a female. Moderators are extreamly caring and very active.

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avatar of mor9les
mor9les 1 month ago

hella nice community, her streams are one of the best too, no hate allowed obviously, and it’s very open to randoms who just want to play


avatar of gnmoney
gnmoney 1 month ago

I was kind of skeptical at first, thinking that there was no way an entire discord could be fun & genuine instead of toxic (especially for COD). But I was pleasantly surprised, everyone is so nice & down to play with everyone! There a very strict rules about discrimination & toxicity so it feels like a very safe environment.


avatar of txanuel
txanuel 1 month ago

Great Community coming togetherπŸ™ŒπŸΌ. Love to see it growing more and more all the new people and everyone being so welcoming.


avatar of Lampant
Lampant 1 month ago

Great people, great owners, fun community, not toxic. Would reccomend


avatar of serena
serena 1 month ago

just a wholesome community coming together. very welcoming and diverse. i can’t wait to see it continue to grow! πŸ–€


avatar of Estrella / noomzz β™‘

Ayooooo, It’s honestly a great server with many great people and I’m so happy I joined! It’s a nice community and it’s fun.. come join ;) πŸ’œ


avatar of ItsAllMaddsHere
ItsAllMaddsHere 1 month ago

Steffy is such a special person... when I found her I was still suuuuper deep in the closet and when I told her she was literally nothing but loving and compassionate... she has inspired me to start streaming myself and also come out as the woman I was born to be! I love the shit out of this girl!!!


avatar of Kumnia
Kumnia 1 month ago

Love this server honestly. Great friends to make if you are new to gaming or current gamers. All games are allowed here too!! 10/10 would recommend. Steff overall is a great person


avatar of naser
naser 1 month ago

i love this server its been my ventinv corner my emotional support and i can say that it has saved my life the community is so welcoming and is fighting for something eight it is the best thing to happen to me in 2020 i love it here and hopefully i never lose touch with people because they have changed my life❀️❀️


avatar of phenm
phenm 1 month ago

Chicken Nuggets


avatar of bunnydarlene
bunnydarlene 1 month ago

Steff has created such a great welcoming community, i love this server. Its super welcoming, never a dull moment on there :')


avatar of Yeldar1936
Yeldar1936 1 month ago

Amazing, great people and diverse channels!


avatar of alexusdenayy
alexusdenayy 1 month ago

I’m so grateful for a space that welcomes girl gamers!


avatar of AngelofDarkness320

Love the community and steffy was so awesome when I DM her about a little thing. She’s such an awesome Twitch Streamer and I can’t wait to see this community grow :)


avatar of hannahv91
hannahv91 1 month ago

I love this community! It brings female gamers of all backgrounds together for a common interest. Everyone is so nice and friendly!


avatar of Bushy_Sweater
Bushy_Sweater 1 month ago

Steffy has started a great community on this server. It’s filled with awesome content, amazing people and I’m really proud to be in it


avatar of allisonsttv
allisonsttv 1 month ago

Great content creator and an amazing wholesome person overall. Her community is so welcoming and so diverse, extremely glad I found her platform.


avatar of Munchkin
Munchkin 1 month ago

Always a positive community to come to. Great to join after a hard day in β€œthe real world” makes you forget about everything outside for a while and making sure everyone has fun and maybe even get to play some games with her with everyone having an even chance. It’s nice