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Animazing | Anime & Art

Friendly Server 💬 24/7 Active 👋 Social ⭐ Emotes 💙 Anime 🎨 Art 🎮 Gaming ⭐ Fun 🎤 Karaoke 🎶 Music 🎉 Events 🎁 Giveaways and 😂 Memes!!


35,037 members 450 emotes

Anime Emotes Gaming

Animazing 🌸

We offer:

  • **We have our own Original Character and a Server Exclusive bot!

  • We have fun events and giveaways!

  • We have EXP and Economy System gain XP and currency when chatting you can level up, buy roles, (even nitro in the future)!

  • We have unlocked all the perks a server can have, with 500+ Anime Emojis and Gifs!

  • We have different channels that caters around certain topics Arts, Gaming, Memes, and Serious Channel if you ever are looking for sound advice.

  • We have over 35+ Bots added some popular bots are Owobot, Mudae, and Dank Memer that has its own special channels! We also have Dank Memer!

  • Most importantly, We have Friendly Moderators and Staff members who is ready to not only protect you, they are also willing to help!

Click the join button your waifu will become real!