This is the official support server for the all-in-one Discord bot - BudBot.

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Welcome to BudBot!

Things that you need to know:

BudBot is a paid and recurring subscription.

BudBot is heavily feature rich & customizable.

The support team at BudBot will always be willing to help and will respond very quickly.


BudBot - a Discord bot that provides an easy and fluid experience to manage a Roblox group from the comfort of a Discord channel.. BudBot comes armed and loaded with a various amount of Management, Moderation and user friendly configuration commands.

BudBot's Development team is always hard at work making new features and commands; and they'll always be looking for new suggestions, in the support server for new and incredibly thought of ideas.

Since BudBot is quite feature rich, it can have a few slight issues - that's why our Development Team takes pride in their incredibly- fast response times for locating and fixing errors and bugs.

Example of Commands

  • help

    Displays all the avaliable commands.

  • info

    Gives you the general information about the bot.

  • promote [@USER] or [ROBLOX USERNAME]

    Promotes the specified user by one rank.

  • demote [@USER] or [ROBLOX USERNAME]

    Demotes the specified user by one rank.

  • setrank [@USER] [RANK NAME]

    Sets the specified user's rank to the one specified.


    Kicks the specified user out of the group.

  • shout [MESSAGE]

    Shouts the specified message onto the group wall.

  • joinrequests (accept or decline) (ROBLOX USERNAME)

    Accept or decline a user from joining the group/show all join requests.

  • play [Song Name]

    Plays the specified song.

  • autobind

    Gives you the option to automatically re-create all the Roblox group roles in the Discord server and automatically bind them.

  • subgroups (-add, -remove, -list, -getranks, -autobind, -bind, -delbind)

    A subgroup will act like the main group; although you cannot use Roblox commands on it (such as: promote, demote, setrank and exile)

  • webhooks (setup, remove)

    Setup or remove custom webhooks for BudBot.

To see more commands, join our support server and have a flick through our help menu.