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Fate/Luna Somnium

Fate/Luna Somnium

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"The Mooncell.... a massive collection of photonic crystals making up a giant supercomputer on the moon... in this world bereft of mana, magi who still continue to search for the root have looked into the mooncell, and have adapted, becoming spiritron hackers. They project their souls into the Mooncell, mainly in hopes of conquering it... some to study it, others to escape the horrors of the world below... whatever the reason, the SE.RA.PH. meets those who project themselves inside a virtual world.

After the 4th Holy Grail War. The world’s mana slowly went on the decline. After a few years, there was no longer any sign of magical energy on earth. Once it finally happened, the magus world was taken by storm and magecraft was forever changed. A shift in the power balance of the world led to the world stagnating. Eventually, a discovery was made, an anomaly in the earth’s moon called the Mooncell. The whole world made attempts to get to it, but only the magi who were previously stumbling in the dark were able to enter it. The moon receives these “spiritron hackers” into the SE.RA.PH. studying them and challenging them to see who gets the Regalia and becomes the Ruler of the Mooncell."

Fate/Luna Somnium is discord server focused around roleplay in our own interpretation of Fate/Extra -verse! We offer a kind community, as well as accept anyone no matter their experience. We have many channels focused around the roleplay, as well as OOC channels in which we share arts, memes, interesting things one finds or just talk about stuff.


-Roleplay as either a master, servant or regular spiritron hacker.

-Explore the SE.RA.PH, meet other masters, and battle for dominance.

-A variety of Slice of Life Options to take a break from the bloodbath.

-What you do changes the world around you.

-Chill and generally relaxed community

-Meme Channels

-Many emotes

-Friendly to beginners

-A fair objective mod team

We wholeheartedly invite everyone who is interested in Fate series.

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