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Just a private discord server that wants to expand. We're a very talkative community, and we'd love to have you here!


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Welcome! We'd love to have you here! My name's Truly, but I also go by Trublu. This is the first server I've created thats been relativley successful, and It shows. We've been active since may of 2019, and we went public in late August! Since then, we've been able to meet many amazing people, and expand the server in ways I never imagined I could do. So, with my life story out of the way, what exactly do we do? Well first off, some of us do play games, and we're open to playing with new people for sure. We have many artists in the server, and are very supportive of said people. LGBTQ+ friendly, and do have a ranting channel with many people on standby waiting to help anyone who needs it. Oh, and we're a bunch of Weebs. Yeah, we don't stand out much haha. But still! If you just need a place to relax, hold a convo, rant, really anything, come and take a peek! I'll be awaiting you~ <3

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