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#1 Verified Adults• Selfies • Profiles • Friends • Love •Social• Dating• Gambling •Levels & XP • Active 24/7 vc & chat •Among us• lots more!




Sinful is the most active 18+ Server. We have: Among Us • Adults • Selfies • Profiles • Friendships • Love • Fun • Social • Parties/Events• 24/7 VC & Txt Channels lots more!

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avatar of Best
Best 3 months ago

Hi, I'm the server owner, warms my heart to read so many positive reviews. We aim to provide a positive atmosphere for our members. You are the reason I enjoy overseeing such a great community. If there are ever any issues, as always, reach out to a staff or myself.


avatar of Venom.
Venom. 3 months ago

Best server to make friends, and have a good time. Co-operative staff, and impressive Events. Among us community is great as well. Must join.


avatar of ashnixxi
ashnixxi 3 months ago

Not as great as I thought...still a nice place for some users but if you have any type of emotions at all, this is definitely not the place. You will get attacked for having emotions. Just as I was. And I can't wait for the owner response on this saying "that's not what this is like" but ya know that's exactly what it's like buds sorry


avatar of I Cum Gl🖕🏼tter

I have been in this server since the beginning when there were only 200 or 300 members. I have watched it grow into this amazing community full of welcoming members, helpful and friendly staff and a multitude of fun activities. This was the very first Discord Server I joined, and the only one that I have consistently remained active in and have never left. A team of highly skilled bot techs on staff to make sure everything stays running smooth and efficient. The owner looks out for the members and staff of this server like they are his family. He is always on top of everything and looking for new ways to keep making it the best of the best. Shout out to Sinful 18+ owner, staff and members, you are the best! Thanks for making my time here a blast!


avatar of snuggleDA🍍
snuggleDA🍍 3 months ago

Hi there! I'm one of the senior moderators here at sinful. To be honest this is one of the best servers I have ever been on... I've learnt so much about myself and about the world, I've made so many friends and talked with lots of people from all over the world. This server has never had a dull moment with lots of events to participate in and many vc chat options. A lot of effort has gone into this server so if you're 18+ come on in and say hi and come and see what we have to offer.


avatar of Stormy
Stormy 3 months ago

To be honest this community is a really awesome one. I recommend joining it if you are lonely and need to talk to someone.


avatar of Deleted User
Deleted User 3 months ago

My first Social Discord. I'm thankful to the people and the owner. Learnt a huge load of stuff out here, awesome community, the people feel like family. Healthy roasts and what not. Been like 23 days I joined the server, I got banned twice (they're strict with the rules) and still made my way back. The next would be a permanent one they said. Imma miss the place if I get booted.


avatar of bhrxz
bhrxz 3 months ago

Great server with very friendly people :)


avatar of Peeker
Peeker 3 months ago

Making friends and meeting people here is legit amazing! 🥰


avatar of yoonji
yoonji 3 months ago

Very wonderful server! Everyone is kind and friendly and it's just overall a great server to be part of :)


avatar of BunnyVsTiger
BunnyVsTiger 3 months ago

If you're anything like me and you enjoy being in VCs then you'll probably enjoy this server. Super active and anyway s finding ways to keep it active. ^^


avatar of StevenLOL
StevenLOL 3 months ago

Chill group, mostly play Among Us on there. Their mods are great at getting rid of trolls.


avatar of Defaultio
Defaultio 3 months ago

I've been part of this server for while watching this server growing rapidly. The staff are helpful, friendly and here for us whenever we need them. I would highly suggest you checking out this server because it's very active and they host weekly fun events such as giveaways, gaming and many more. I do have very high hopes of Sinful will reach 100k members before 2021. 😊


avatar of iDragonDeath
iDragonDeath 3 months ago

Great server with nice people and great admins. They help when needed and, depending on the time of day, they are there to help quicker than expected most of the time.


avatar of Littleone
Littleone 3 months ago

It’s the first server i ever joined. I’ve made some really good friends on this server. The staff is very helpful and friendly. The server has grown so much since the past few months. They also have different kinds of events and karaoke channels. I had joined for among us and it’s been fun. It’s a must join server!


avatar of Kitty🌻
Kitty🌻 3 months ago

Love this server❤️❤️


avatar of Deleted User
Deleted User 3 months ago

One of the best servers I’ve ever been in. Has a amazing host, tons of chats for different people, always active, must be 18+ Join Sinful Today


avatar of Void Kitten
Void Kitten 3 months ago

I've been a part of this server for a few weeks now and watched it nearly double in size in a short time. The staff are helpful and friendly and easily accessible, which is necessary because it is a very active server. Probably the most active VCing and gaming I've seen in a while, and they host weekly fun events like karaoke, giveaway draws and truth or dare. Worth checking out if you want to meet new people, the community is large and vibrant.


avatar of Wholf
Wholf 3 months ago

Shortly said, this is one of the best Discord servers i've ever joined since i'm using Discord.. And that's a long time! Amazing members and a lot of features which are just epic and very fun to use. Helpful community, always in for communications and playing games or just talking about anything. I highly suggest checking it out, communicate & interact with the members and trust me, you will get a smile every single day.