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Hello beginner coders from the Earth! I'll introduce myself. I'm Vinz YT, a beginner programmer wants to make a programming community!


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The programming community is still small! Join to make it bigger!


  1. What is a programming community? -> It's a community of programmers and there you can discuss coding problems
  2. What does the server contain? -> No NSFW, some memes, roles to differ member's coding skill, levels to make you feel like playing game
  3. What's the base rules? -> No NSFW, commands bot is allowed at specific bot channels, and no spamming
  4. Is there any other rules? -> Yes, but I won't list all here. Join to find out!
  5. Is there a verification process? -> Yes, in a specific channel, you will verify using captcha, don't worry it won't be hard
  6. Can I apply as a mentor? -> A good question. Yes, actually, but in order to do it, you need to be very active at the server. If you are active at sending messages, you will get high level. More details how to apply at server channel.

I know the community is not as what you are think, but if you guys wanna make it as your thaught, consider to join and don't leave and share my server to make it croud! Thanks for joining and happy coding!

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