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Warframe Bot Server

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Warframe Bot Server

Warframe Bot server, Find information more easily and find best occasion on warframe.market (FR,EN)

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Warframe Gaming

A Warframe bot useful for research information more faster on the wiki like mods drops also information ingame like nightwave challenge and warframe.market price of item

!helpW 'command name'

Show this help and if command name specified show example Example: !helpW relic

--Warframe.Market Command--


Show the best item part to buy for ducats/plat.

!WTB "item"

Show the best price for buy item.

!WTS "item"

Show the best price for sell item.

--Drops command--

!relic "relic_name" [level of upgrade 0-3]

Show the drop loot table of the relic.

!mobmodsdrops "mob_name"

Show what mods drop the mob

!mods "mod_name"

Show what mobs drop the mod

!resource "resource_name"

Show what mobs drop the ressource

!itemdrops "item_name"

Show what mobs drop the item(works with blueprint)

--Info command--

!baro [platform] or !voidtrader [platform]

Show if baro arrived and him inventory if its the case

!nora [platform] or !nightwave [platform]

Show the actual challenge for nightwave

!fissure [platform]

Show the actual fissures

!earth [platform]

Show if it's night or day on earth!

!cetus [platform]

Show if it's night or day on cetus!(Will do mission list)

--Other command--


Show credits


Change language or the !


Change the custom ! to the default ! (if your forgot your custom !)

!issue (commandname) (description)

Send your issue to the main discord Warframe bot (discord.gg/6AhmKSX) .