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A friendly Discord server for gaming, memes, Minecraft & other stuff! LGBTQ+ friendly!


430 members 46 emotes

Gaming Fun Minecraft

A friendly & amazing Discord community! (Jam-packed full of fun)


Minecraft is the largest part of Xenon Gaming! The majority of our members originally joined for one of the two Minecraft servers we have! We run two servers because there are two main versions of Minecraft! One is for Bedrock Edition and the other for Java Edition, that way no one is left out! However, these servers are whitelisted to protect the great builds which have been constructed, in order to access them you will have to apply in a channel on the server.


The server also has several fun Discord bots! They are as listed below:

  • Villager Bot (An amazing Minecraft-themed Discord bot)
  • Pokecord (Pokemon but in Discord)
  • Rythm (A music bot)
  • Slav Bot (I serve the Soviet Union)
  • POĐ‘OT (A crappy bot with several useful commands)


  1. No bullying or harassment.
  2. Listen to and obey the admins.
  3. Be nice and kind to your fellow members.
  4. Foul language is allowed as long as it is not hate speech/slurs and not directed at any person.
  5. All sub communities can make their own rules, however the community must abide by the main server rules and cannot override them.
  6. No spamming in the channels except for #spam or #spam-2.
  7. Pokecord must only be used in #spam or #pokecord or #spam-2.
  8. Pretending to or acting like a mod is a punishable offence.
  9. Use the channels for their purpose. For example don't use the music bot in #general.
  10. No advertising of other (non-ingame) communities without express admin approval except in #advertisements. NOTE: This doesn't apply to items or services in Minecraft or other games.
  11. No links to nsfw sites, videos, or other content.
  12. If you're going to act like a 5 year old and complain about everything, go ahead and leave.
  13. No exploitation of bugs in the Discord bots, or servers that crashes or damages them. If you find a bug, dm me what you did and information about the bug you found.
  14. Do not purposefully incite arguments with other members or with the admins.


Usually there is a contest of sorts going on the server. This usually consists of submissions that are voted on by the mods or community Some examples of contests we have had in the past are:

  • photography contest
  • contest contest
  • art contest
  • best meme recreation in Minecraft contest
  • Minecraft build contest
  • Valentines day poem contest
  • Insult contest
  • Best meme contest