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avatar of Crypto Moon
Crypto Moon 3 months ago

Many thanks and WELCOME

Replying to paul/4

avatar of ultRage
ultRage 3 months ago

One of the best servers with all kinds of airdrops, and regular ones. There are practically no useless pings from the owner (unlike other similar servers) - everything is clear and only in essence. The largest number of installed bots that I have seen.


avatar of ⚡T12⚡
⚡T12⚡ 26 days ago

The admin of this server is not a likeable person at all. You would think that invite friends to come and join the server would be a good thing, but not here! My friend was banned from the server for an unknown reason to her and when I asked the admin why, I was banned myself without any kind of discussion. This was one of the first crypto servers I joined and had been pretty much idle there for months. The community is not very engaging and there's so many channels there that are pretty much dead and inactive. Really ought to clean it up to be more current and prune all the useless stuff. Server with little maintenance kinda tells you what to expect really.


avatar of Deleted User
Deleted User 3 months ago

Shit service and rude host. "Leave, I don't need you here etc. " Fucking moron. Additionally, the server has no rules and guidance section. The whole server seems like a one big scam.

avatar of Crypto Moon
Crypto Moon 3 months ago

spamming is not allowed in the most of servers Mr.Blue&Yellow I am not gonna allow you to say anything , to advertise fo free or or..... in order to avoid writing here a negative review I know that the positives reviews can not be without paying and that the negatives reviews will came always and for free so for that I am not worry About the rules and the legal disclaimer, everything is there in the last channels even if it is not a company and add to your informations that the server is a community under the discord reviews and not a random server ! Thank you very much for you words , you are helping me to work more in order to have a better place for everyone and have a happy day!

Replying to Deleted User

avatar of Darkon
Darkon 25 days ago

Reliable staff? No Rude host? Yes Awful Service? Yes Do NOT join this server.


avatar of ape
ape 27 days ago

filled with bots and 1 mod