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We're a brand new startup server looking for new members and staff πŸ‘Œ We aim to provide a caring and supportive setting for all members while overall just having a good time.

Q: What is this server all about?

A: This server was created as a place for people who have trouble socializing in other settings or need emotional support, even if temporarily. Even if neither of those reasons fit you personally, this is still a place for sharing interests in a judge-free community setting.

Q: What makes this place any different than the hundreds of other servers advertising the same thing?

A: The best answer to this question would be personal experience. What most places similar to this seem to lack is a warm, inviting atmosphere. Here we aim to be inclusive and interactive with our members, and encourage healthy growth over time.

Q: Are there any server-wide events?

A: As of right now, we are a very new server and are still working on gaining more members. However, at some point this is something we would like to implement and perhaps take suggestions on in the near future.

Q: How do I become a server partner?

A: If you would like to be featured in our #partners channel, dm a staff member to review the request. You'll need to provide a written description of the server to display along with the invite, and have at least 50 members. However no NSFW servers will be reviewed, as we have underage members present.

Q: What is the staff like? A: The staff is by no means all-powerful and we make no attempts to hold ourselves superior to the rest of the server. No one here will be singled out for any baseless reason. However if someone is blatantly disrespecting the staff or anyone in the server for that matter, they will be dealt with in whatever way the situation entails. (If you have an issue with a staff member under any circumstances, refer to Rule #9.)

Q: Is there any way to potentially become a mod or admin? A: Yes, we have staff applications for modship, which is linked in the #info channel as a Google Form. All you have to do is answer a few questions and submit your response for reviewing at the end.

Q: Are there no applications for becoming an admin?

A: The administrator position is more of a promotion. Mods who prove their integrity and trustworthiness over time have the potential to become a trusted member of the higher up staff. This is by no means based on favoritism, and admins are chosen primarily for skill and reliability.

If you have any further questions, ping us in the #questions-and-suggestions channel and we'll get to you as soon as possible.

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