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Welcome all the the new community we run a gaming community where you can come in and chat with people and make friends and play games.


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Hello all, You may know me but my names Brad and I'm announcing the launch of HOLOGY. If your in need for more information then ill be happy to accept your DM'S or join and speak to a staff member.

What Is Hology?

Hology is a newly emerging community where you can make and hang out with friends and get help with games (eg. if your stuck on a level on a game)

What We Offer

We offer a whole range of things including :

» Different channels for different games

» Make new friends online

» You can have extreme amounts of fun

» You can get your own role and channels for you and your friends

» You Can Advertise Your Servers And Or Social Media Pages

» Friendly Staff (We Are Also Hiring)

» Monthly Giveaways

» Weekly Competitions (Prizes Are Involved!)

Where Do We See Ourselves?

In the next couple on months we want to have at least over 100 members all enjoying the movement and we want as many people to make new friends as possible and earn a positive representation of yourselves

We hope to see you around and thanks for taking the time to read this :wink:

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