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The year is 2019. Welcome to the City that never sleeps.

As always the streets are rustling and bustling with life. People walking past others never giving them a second glance. But if you're really attentive and look behind what allow yourself to see, you will uncover the city's true secrets.

For centuries the supernatural beings have made New York their home.

When the humans go to sleep it is time for the the City's true heart to surface.

Be it the hungry Vampires stalking their prey in the night, Sirens who steal your mind with their songs, Werewolves that can't repress the full moon's call or Witches that use that full moon to further their own agenda.

Everyone has a place in New York.

Even beings not from this world: demons, demigods, specters, fairies, succubi, incubi and many more mingle with the city's supernatural population and contribute to the rich way of life.

Are you ready to join them? To join us? In a City that never sleeps, but maybe should.

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