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Kimetsu 🦋

Kimetsu is a social aesthetic community for animanga fans and gamers. But of course, our server isn't limited to members with these interests ━ anyone and other discussions are welcome! We strive to maintain a positive and comfy atmosphere for members to chat, game, play with bots, listen to music, or just hang out.

🏯 ┃ 300+ Demon Slayer-themed Emotes

💧 ┃ Anime, Art, Gaming & Bot Channels

🍵 ┃ Friendly Members & Staff

🎐 ┃ Frequent Nitro Giveaways

🍙 ┃ Custom Bot & Economy System

🍶 ┃ Unique Award Roles & Badges

User Reviews


Based on 74 reviews

avatar of Lily
Lily 3 months ago

A really great server to be in, the people are really kind and the emotes are definitely worth using!


avatar of Atlazs
Atlazs 3 months ago

Been active in this server for about month now. There are some really epic people in here, many roles to collect and a crapton of bots. The staff is very friendly and there are some giveaways here and there. I recommend y'all join and meet some epic people and have some fun!


avatar of Pastrixx
Pastrixx 3 months ago

The whole server is good and its emotes are really wholesome! The experience of levelling up and being assigned to a specific kny role is also quite fun! Would recommend kny fans to join. ❤️


avatar of Y0SH1R0
Y0SH1R0 3 months ago

The server is a really fun place to be in! Friendly community, fun way to earn roles! The emotes too, the emotes are super cute and well made!


avatar of Shadowwww.影
Shadowwww.影 3 months ago

For me at least, probably the best emote server I’ve been in. I enjoy being there, and not even just for the emotes. The community is chill and they do all kinds of cool and nice things.


avatar of niqito
niqito 2 months ago

Nice emotes and nice people , so fun and good community


avatar of Krysti
Krysti 2 months ago

very aesthetic server, cute emojis, and a safe place to hangout :)


avatar of 皇太子
皇太子 3 months ago

The server is really friendly and no toxicity that I've seen so far! I also love the emotes. Not to mention the roles. To make it short, the whole server is pretty much fun to be in!


avatar of Neo
Neo 3 months ago

Good community, good server, good emotes, good roles, and everything is wholesome. Giving it a 5 star.


avatar of ☁  sakura chan  ☁

its an amazing server if you like kimetsu no yaiba / demon slayer you should join


avatar of ! YUSHIRO !
! YUSHIRO ! 2 months ago

It is great! So many friend! It even has a game where we can play guess the anime! Best of all is that they create a room for spoilers. It is awesome!


avatar of umi
umi 3 months ago

great server!! its really nice and the emotes are super cute :))


avatar of stinkyfartpoopyshart

I joined the server for the emotes, but after seeing how pretty the server and roles were I wanted to stay. Plus the staff are really nice.


avatar of cyber
cyber 3 months ago

I really enjoy this server! It’s a nice community, with a really nice layout! Everything about this server makes me happy! This server also has really cute emotes! <3 I’d recommend everyone reading this to join if they haven’t already, it’s a really good server!