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avatar of prix
prix 2 months ago

just because my name has the number 2 in it doesnt mean you have to ban me from that server


avatar of tacobus
tacobus 2 months ago



avatar of ꧁Tempest꧂
꧁Tempest꧂ 2 months ago

uhhhhh jxck abuse run for your fucking life while you can


avatar of Jay7
Jay7 2 months ago

I got banned for being an alt account, when im not an alt, and i even got banned by a staff, not a bot, my acc is 3 weeks old already and its bc last one got termed, didnt let me explain nor talk to them before hand, didnt even warn me, i didnt even talk in server


avatar of PAPPY
PAPPY 2 months ago

beans beans beans.


avatar of Banana Juice
Banana Juice 2 months ago

raids sometimes, everyone pings occasionally, staff rig giveaways, short people (cough* choke), active TOTALLY NOT NSFW community, nice staff (besides Matilda) and yeah thats really it...


avatar of Dolfin
Dolfin 2 months ago

Basically the server is the best dank memer server. When I joined, and I saw the gaw amounts, they blew me away. Be sure to join cuz you don’t wanna be missing out on all the free DMC!


avatar of SBCA._.24
SBCA._.24 2 months ago

The funniest is the admin ask us to leave a funniest review. But there're lots of gws(with lots of pings haha), nice server


avatar of ZõhåíßPrø¥T
ZõhåíßPrø¥T 2 months ago

This is the only server I love now, Best server of all time, the channels the roles the people everything and everyone is nice here, I love it


avatar of yallunfair
yallunfair 2 months ago

i dont like the server, banning people for no reason, you cant even explain why you were banned in the appeal form.


avatar of mizo
mizo 3 months ago

Great server, really cool people once you get to know them and an owner thats full of poggers, although they do have this joe guy and he stanks. Anyways, first review 🥸🤷🏻‍♂️💀💀


avatar of Arson is fun
Arson is fun 2 months ago

Horrible. The owner abuses their powers, you need to be in TDK for about 6 months to enter most giveaways, and people are mean.


avatar of Senpai
Senpai 2 months ago

Sheesh,3 stars only watafak all the noobs are leaving bad reviews cuz they got ban for having alt and scamming lmaooooo loser hehe, btw servers are good friendly mods and staff,daily pepet omai,i donated 50 mil here cuz i love tdk so much i got my own private channel, go crazy ahhhhhh btw jack let me be owner when? lmao jk ok bye noobs


avatar of LL
LL 2 months ago

Cool server with tons of emojis (with anime e.e) whenever u look at the general chat


avatar of riri
riri 1 month ago

love this server!


avatar of Kawaii~Chan
Kawaii~Chan 2 months ago

I mean, the server is really great yk. It's just great. Amazing, really. But no one cares yall gave me free boba that one day i think so uhhhhh yea 5 stars good service/server and ty for the free boba i never seemed to recieve. Been waiitng months for the delivery, im sure it will come