RPG Thunder Support Server

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RPG Thunder Support Server

The official support server for RPG Thunder - an action/adventure RPG featuring crafting, an economy, dungeons, and more!

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Roleplay Economy Gaming

The official RPG THUNDER support server!

RPG THUNDER is an RPG + economy bot. It has many features including boss battles, a full economy, class selection, PvP and PvE fighting, lootboxes, crafting, and dungeon rading with a party.

There are over 26 cities/areas to explore!

Type '$register' to create a character, and learn how to play!

Command List (all commands can be found by typing $help)

Statistics commands

  • profile - View your profile and equipped items, and viw your stats.
  • currencies - View your coins and valor.
  • materials - View your aquired materials.
  • inventory - View all of your extra weapons, armor, and trinkets.
  • spellbook - View the spells you know.
  • abilities - View your currently equipped spells.
  • consumables - View the consumables you own.
  • cooldown - See your cooldown time on all basic commands
  • ready - See all commands that are not currently in cooldown

Fighting commands

  • rest - Take a long rest, available every 24hrs, and fully heals you.
  • explore - explore the area, and encounter fierce creatures.
  • boss - fight the areas boss, this battle will be difficult!

Gathering commands

  • mine - mine the current area for valuable resources such as rubies, iron ore, amethyst, or coins.
  • harvest - gather berries, acorns, apples, and other consumable resources from the area.
  • chop - gather wood from a nearby forest, useful for crafting.
  • fish - fish in a nearby body of water.

Economy commands

  • gift - gift any item, or coins to another user.
  • shop - Check out the shop in the current city, items vary by town.
  • buy, sell - Used to buy or sell any items.

Gambling commands

  • coinflip - bet any amount of coins, all on a coinflip! win and double your money!
  • blackjack - bet any amount of coins, and try your luck on a game of blackjack! win and double your money!