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Hello we are a huge coding server on discord trying to make a difference so if you like coding/Need help with some code feel free to join!




World of Coding is one of the biggest support coding discord servers! If you want to join to maybe get some help or just to relax and talk to people like you feel free to stop by!

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avatar of Ellis
Ellis 2 months ago

Really cool server, nice staff and all the coding help I ever need in all my lanyuages. Would highly recommend joining World Of Coding!


avatar of Pargar
Pargar 2 months ago

Great server I extremely recommend it. Active chat, extraordinary developers, coding helpers, very friendly staff, everything a programmer and even a normal person wants just in one server!!


avatar of Wumpus
Wumpus 2 months ago

The owner is always online and happy to help. all around great server.


avatar of shyzo
shyzo 2 months ago

This server is really entertaining and it's always open to help anyone and it's always online; chats are always full and active


avatar of -+- Luc1fer -+-
-+- Luc1fer -+- 3 months ago

This server is great lots of friendly people active staff if you need help I would recommend joining.


avatar of Suleif
Suleif 2 months ago

Awesome server that i can recommend to anyone that likes coding or just wants to chill and talk with other people and the community is overall amazing and welcoming 10/10.


avatar of A Lemon
A Lemon 2 months ago

Very cool server if I do say so myself. Very nice staff, good support time. And the community is overall amazing and kind. People help you if you're in need of help and if someone else is in need of help, you can return the favor and help them. I highly recommend joining this server. WORLD OF CODING IS THE BEST!!


avatar of Mr.Scatman7
Mr.Scatman7 3 months ago

Best Server Ever! Quick Coding Support and nice staff!


avatar of ✦「𝓙𝓚」✦

Really amazing server! Fun place to chill and code. Active chat, cool staff. If you need help I would recommend joining.


avatar of Thundah
Thundah 2 months ago

Personally it is one of the greatest servers ever, I am on it a lot all the people there are friendly the staff is very nice and all the people that help there give you fast and understandable support. 10/10 would recommend


avatar of jrsteck
jrsteck 1 month ago

My favorite server I am in. Nice community!


avatar of Gilly
Gilly 2 months ago

ooooo werrrrrryyy hot yez


avatar of Deity
Deity 1 month ago

Good server with friendly and chill staff, the owner actively engages with the members and is overall very welcoming to all members. But it is advised that you read the rules before doing anything, since staff can be strict when they want to be, Overall 5/5 rating, I've been in this server for a long time and had a lot of fun just messing around and making friends with other people here, would definitely recommend that you join and invite your friends as well!


avatar of YandDev
YandDev 1 month ago

Epic server and really helpful 100% recommend


avatar of Jelly Snortfish
Jelly Snortfish 1 month ago

This is a fantastic server with staff opportunities, coding help if needed, and warm and welcoming members. It is suitable for a range of people: some who are advanced at coding, others that are newer, and anyone in between. The emotes are varied and fun to use as they are suitable for every situation. World of Coding is tolerant and inclusive - anyone can join!