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Come join us on your art journey!!! Post commissions, ask for advice, and maybe join in on our art contest!!!!




Art Contest

Hey artists, it's time for another art contest!!!! Prizes: 1st. $50 USD via PayPal or Nitro equivalent + Custom Role + Social Media Shoutout 2nd. $25 USD via PayPal or Nitro equivalent + Social media shoutout + Social Media Shoutout + Custom Color Role 3rd. $10 USD via PayPal or Nitro equivalent + Social Media Shoutout Hey artists, it's time for another art contest!!!! Contest ends April 30th

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The server is geared to helping artist, editors, photographers, voice actors, etc with their work and improving themselves. The server is fairly active with a warm and welcoming community to help guide you in the server. We offer lots of server events and of the main one's being art contest where members have the chance to earn cash prizes. The server has an unique theme and a ton of server mascots that hopefully you can connect with.

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avatar of arisu
arisu 1 month ago

The server has a lot of opportunities for artists to get involved and make a living out of their art! Being staff of this server has been such a positive and bright experience, and I absolutely love to commission the artists that join!


avatar of W0LF
W0LF 1 month ago

Members are great, mods are helpful, there are members that are artists and they all like to help each other and give lots of art advice. It’s super good and helpful uwu everyone is nice


avatar of MsPinkMuffin
MsPinkMuffin 1 month ago

Lovely Server, fun owners, welcoming community and a bunch of amazing, wonderful and creative art!


avatar of Yoski
Yoski 1 month ago

The servers really nice and the staff team is pretty great as well. Perfect place to join for conversations and if you're looking for a place to hang out and make friends. They also host giveaways and contest which keeps things interesting in the server as well.


avatar of DarkLx
DarkLx 1 month ago

A Friendly and Wonderful Server, the mods and admins are kind and they will provide full help and support, you could make friends here, peaceful place for artists and protected.


avatar of Sera
Sera 1 month ago

A wonderful server with an amazing community that's growing each and everyday. I talk here on the daily and vibe around with everyone. This server is truly a fantastic and vibrant art server in a whole.


avatar of MouseyBabu
MouseyBabu 26 days ago

Great server, excellent people. All are very welcoming and always include everyone. It’s really great seeing the diversity of personalities and people who come in, as well as seeing the different interests everyone has, and in which ways they represent their skills through writing, singing, drawing, painting, cooking, etc. If anyone is looking to join a server, art server or not, I’d definitely recommend this one. Great people, great server.


avatar of Ruby Rose~
Ruby Rose~ 26 days ago

an amazing server with cool designs, friendly staff and members, a safe place for everyone including artists, its super good and I absolutely recommend joining this server.


avatar of Star <3
Star <3 25 days ago

Hachi Art Cafe is a very friendly, funny, active server! The owners are kind an active, and not afraid to pour their own money into helping the server out. The members are chill, welcoming, and respectful. Events are always being held and the staff do their best to moderate the server. I 100% recommend joining this server


avatar of Hola~
Hola~ 1 month ago

The server is super aesthetically pleasing and pretty active for the most part. The community is really welcoming and helpful when it comes to helping with art and other things. Staff actively moderate and keep the server safe!!! The owners also are pretty active and fun to hang out with. The server offers a lot of events and giveaways with cash and nitro prizes which are always fun to enter !!! I forgot to mention they also offer physical giveaways like stickers and art supplies!!!! Needless to say, this is an awesome server and you should definitely join!!!!


avatar of ✧vic
✧vic 1 month ago

The server is very well organized, and very pleasing to look at. They always have Server Events to keep its community engaged, and the staff team is very friendly. 10/10


avatar of SmellsLikeDebt
SmellsLikeDebt 1 month ago

Real talk? The server is good, and the community is welcoming. You want an art server where people help you grow? This is it. Additionally, the owners are great people who do a fantastic job at maintaining order. Just join and see for yourself.


avatar of LadyMilkyway
LadyMilkyway 1 month ago

Very sweet and welcoming server! Staff is pretty active and nice/helpful for the most part! The members are super supportive of everyone no matter the level and skill in art! They have giveaways and contests with awesome prices! Come check it out! ♥


avatar of Articolux
Articolux 3 months ago

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avatar of ꒰꒰🐝Hachi Art Caféഒ

Hi, I'm just seeing this message but I'm truly sorry about that. I just updated the link to the server

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