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A anime/sleep based server with lots of nitro giveaways, and active members! Join now!!




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avatar of sadge don't ban me

Friendly chats and pretty good staff with engaged owners. Definitely a server that's going to keep growing!


avatar of *alexa*
*alexa* 2 months ago

wouldn't recommend joining... I got banned for making a joke about how old I was kinda bogus.

avatar of Tired Teens
Tired Teens 2 months ago

I apologize! This is due to us having to ban anyone who may be under the age of 13.

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avatar of your tubbo ❤
your tubbo ❤ 1 month ago

This server is an extremely enjoyable server and I have been a member for quite some time. I am shy so I don't usually talk there but when I do it is a nice thing to come to, everyone is friendly and they try to include in the conversation. I agree 100% with the staff decisions when I see them so that's a plus. Another thing is the events. Just like in the server title (when I wrote this it said "Tired Teens (Giving away 50 nitros!)) they do lots of nitro events and gaming events such as scribble i.o. So you always have something to do! Tired Teens has a good amount of bots too and whenever you're bored you can always just use them. So as a member who has been there for 6 months; I say 5 stars! Well done Austin & the Tired Teens staff!


avatar of 嵐_ 大槻
嵐_ 大槻 2 months ago

Its pretty fun, but..... i im not sure they really know what they are doing, cause i suddenly got banned and accused instead of someoneels. lol and i think it was permanent to


avatar of m i s t y .
m i s t y . 1 month ago

This server is an extremely friendly server with helpful staff! I recommend joining 💖⭐


avatar of Rishav
Rishav 2 months ago

Nice server to join.


avatar of NiKKo
NiKKo 1 month ago

Pretty fun server, pretty fun people, great staff too, would recommend joining 10/10 5 stars in this case


avatar of 🍷࿔Onyx⋆.ೃ

Great server to hang out in and make new friends!!! Also they host tons of fun events with cash and nitro prizes that are worth joining.


avatar of MandatoryDuties
MandatoryDuties 1 month ago

yeah i joined this server because a fried wanted me to join, i got banned in 2 minutes for " sus account ". makes no sense for this server to ban me and not let an admin or a mod come dm me about the situation. edit : i think it might be sus because i just started using discord as recently as today just because my friend wanted me to join this server

avatar of Tired Teens
Tired Teens 1 month ago

We ban any accounts that are new to prevent raids! Sorry <3

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avatar of yelena
yelena 1 month ago

cute and user-friendly server! the staff are v nice esp the owner <3


avatar of Bakashiro | バカシロ

One of the best discord servers i have ever been in. It's a great community for teenagers like, with a lot of different people, so there will be always be handful who you can relate to! It's wholesome, active, and enjoyable. Definitely should check it out


avatar of 𝑋𝑒𝑛𝑜
𝑋𝑒𝑛𝑜 1 month ago

Very good server! Everyone one is super friendly and it’s very much fun would recommend to join


avatar of naee.
naee. 1 month ago

I love that emoji so cute !!!


avatar of sora
sora 1 month ago

nice ppl but they ignore me sometimes lol


avatar of Eri
Eri 1 month ago

I love this server! Hopefully it grows more and more!