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Here at LEARN & EARN we provide you with great watchlists and a lot of educational resources not to mention the large community!



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Welcome to Learn and Earn.

A great trading community with a family feel. You won't find pump and dumps in this room. What you will find is a group of traders that provide education, honest feedback and encouragement. All questions are welcome and no one is made to feel inadequate no matter their level of trading experience. This group is comprised of traders from across the globe, various age groups along with new and seasoned traders

Three times a week we come together as a group and actively discuss market conditions and various catalyst. Options, Crypto, ETFs, blue chips and penny stocks are all discussed.

When you are ready to quit following the crowd and want to learn how to become a better, more consistent trader, this is the group for you.

User Reviews


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avatar of Bell
Bell 1 month ago

Great guys, spot on calls


avatar of DJLERVIS
DJLERVIS 1 month ago

I love the server. Very informative, helpful, always willing to help, and vest of all you can learn how to trade with them


avatar of Anonymous0901
Anonymous0901 1 month ago

Good place to talk and discuss with other active members!


avatar of BigBullz&CharlieB

This group has been my home since I made my first trade over a year ago. And because of this group I have been able to triple my account value in that time. All the admins are great people. And best of all. We don't pump and dump or bash other groups.


avatar of Ice Eagle
Ice Eagle 1 month ago

These guys know what's up, Been with them for maybe 5 months now. Nicest group ever, you can talk to them about anything and they are freaking amazing about responding. They can literally make you money and they don't even make you pay them for it. Love these people.


avatar of chuckles
chuckles 1 month ago

The best server ever, pennybags is the GOAT!!!


avatar of A-Tek
A-Tek 27 days ago

This is an amazing server. People will always be there to help you. Overall, one of the best servers ever.


avatar of srg
srg 27 days ago

Intelligent crew, spot on calls. Heavy on the learning.