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Dank Memer Community

The official community server for the bot Dank Memer. 10%+ multi for being here running commands, and TONS of big giveaways/events!


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Dank Memer Community (Official)

We are a rapidly growing community focused on Dank Memer, the Discord bot!

I'll keep it short, here are some of our server features for Dank Memer:

Dank Memer Server Perks

⭐ +10% multi for running commands here (Community Server)

⭐ +5% multi for @Level 250 -- Old Mfer role

⭐ +5% multi for @Donator (50M) role

⭐ Random chance for slightly more XP while running commands here

⭐ 10+ Dank Memer channels

⭐ Highly active and moderated trading channels

⭐ Highly active giveaway channels

⭐ Home of the largest Dank Memer Heists yet

⭐ Rob and Heist ARE DISABLED

⭐ Ran by the Dank Memer Developers

⭐ Channels for lesser known bots, including:

🤖 Mantaro

🤖 Taco Shack

🤖 Battle Banana