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Thoughts n' Balloons

A safe place where those who enjoy writing poems can come together to share poetry, create, and connect.


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avatar of HazyAutumnDreams
HazyAutumnDreams 3 days ago

It's incredibly welcoming. It's a writing server mainly focused on poetry, but it's so much more. Everyone is kind and understanding and supportive and if they aren't, well. They get kicked. I've made a lot of friends there, and I'm so happy I made the decision to join. It's home for me now.


avatar of Deema Potato
Deema Potato 3 days ago

Beautiful community, super welcoming and friendly. I was worried at first because of the history they all shared, but they welcomed me with open arms and I couldn't be happier! I have only recently joined but i'm definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. :p Its a great place to spread some positivity and they have very helpful feedback on poems. Very nice people. Came for the poems, stayed for the community.


avatar of Silly Syd
Silly Syd 3 days ago

How can I describe my experience on this server.. I joined and I felt like I was welcomed by an incredibly nice family who embraced me in their arms since day one. I was greeted so kindly and the warmth everyone shares is lovely. Everyone is so kind, everyone cares about each other and support is always there if you need it, as well as inspiration and help with poetry or such, even if you need help with life, there’s always someone who will listen to you and help you out. They’re the best example of how easy it can be to share love, and with every day I spend at this wonderful server, the more I feel like I’m growing more and more into this precious family and being more and more a part of it. Opening discord and coming to the server is feeling like coming home, not even time zones are a big problem there, since there’s always someone you could talk to. I really don’t regret joining this server and I can’t be happier that I found it by accident, and you won’t regret joining as well, everyone will embrace you kindly in their warm arms. This server is precious and unique.


avatar of certified clowne
certified clowne 3 days ago

This server's community is unlike any I've ever experienced. I've been here a lot longer than most of the still active members but honestly the server is always friendly and feels more like a family than any server I've known before. You will find nothing but kind, welcoming and interesting people here. That isn't to say that the community is all there is. The there is a lot of poetry posted daily and the quality is inspiring, the critique insightful and everyone is ready to help out if you have any questions or need some inspiration This server could not be better