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ʚɞ 𓂃delicate is a nontoxic, aesthetic server with giveaways, events, many cute emotes, and active chats and vcs!




delicate is a nontoxic aesthetic server that provides a welcoming, chill, and active community! <3

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avatar of ace
ace 2 months ago

it's an amazing server, the owners are really funny & so are the staff. this community is really chill and laid back. join gg/delicate today!


avatar of aaliyah
aaliyah 2 months ago

the server is overall an amazing and such a fun place to be in, everybody is super chill and all the staff are so cool. you should def join us. <3 gg/delicate


avatar of Daddy Blox.
Daddy Blox. 1 month ago

It is breathtaking :heart_eyes: i love


avatar of teddy
teddy 1 month ago

Super cute and aesthetic. The staff are amazing and this is the community is chill and funny. I would recommend joining this sexc server


avatar of ok.
ok. 2 months ago

literally the sexciest server and nobody can say otherwise <3


avatar of evangeline
evangeline 1 month ago

idk where to even start 😭 its such a sexc server and the recolored emotes are just so so pretty, im on it on 2 accounts and i never do that unless its a sexc server * inserts lipbite emote * the community is really nice and the staff/owners are p active a lot of effort is put in and i can see it growing so so quick <3


avatar of el
el 1 month ago

amazing, 10/10 i would recommend this server, best server. discord.gg/delicate <3


avatar of ! smexc ⸝⸝
! smexc ⸝⸝ 1 month ago

delicate rlly is an amazing server! the layout is really pretty and all staff members are very chill! i really think you should join discord.gg/delicate ;] (if u join ur seggsy)


avatar of lina.
lina. 1 month ago

such an aesthetic themed server and there is an amazing staff team !! <33


avatar of chuu
chuu 1 month ago

i love the server! the staff is so kind and i have built so many new friends! the community is also so nice and the server is just amazing! def join gg/delicate


avatar of idek²
idek² 1 month ago

sexciest server out there. hands down, the best server 🥺🤚


avatar of trash bin
trash bin 1 month ago

very seggsy 10/10 would reccomend :smirk:


avatar of ibapol
ibapol 1 month ago

honestly I make this server better join and interact with me and u might experience happiness.


avatar of ang²
ang² 1 month ago

delicate is such a cute server! its super aesthetic and the staff are extremely helpful! the community is honestly really sweet and a great place to make new friends and chat with others!


avatar of ᴊᴀꜱᴍɪɴᴇ

I love dis server so much it’s a soft aesthetic, the people there are so kind <3


avatar of bigbrain82
bigbrain82 1 month ago

tbh its great cuz I'm there, join now or u will die in 5min <3


avatar of Pretty Girl
Pretty Girl 1 month ago

The best server I've been in, everyone is so friendly and nice, It's super cute, the owners and staff are really generous and chill, this community is so non toxic, it paradise Join delicate today!


avatar of archie
archie 1 month ago

amazing server really fun and everyone is super nice


avatar of arix
arix 1 month ago

sexc server 🤩👌 rlly nice layout and rlly cute


avatar of cowo
cowo 1 month ago

ig its cool smh but ye smhmsmh sometimes everyone sucks but ye ig its alr smhmsmh