Greetings! We are Haliwaara, an open word, homebrewed Dungeons and Dragons 5e server.


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Greetings! We are Haliwaara, a homebrew Dungeons and Dragons 5e server created with the purpose of being a creative, positive and somewhat weird haven, determined on making a long lasting awesome community driven by creativity and excellence.

Here is what we offer:

  • A positive and welcoming environment
  • "Perfected" base classes, and all manner of various homebrew
  • 7 continents along with other Planes of Existence
  • Expansive lore
  • A lot of OOC channels for everyone's needs
  • A creative and welcoming community
  • Both noob and experienced player environment
  • A well sorted and organized system, expansive guidelines, rules that cover all manner of conduct, and guides that will make your life easier if you take the time to read those

As for what we are looking for:

  • Players, people who are capable, creative and hopefully consistent to fill out various staff roles, primarily:
  • Dungeon Master: This is obvious, however I have written a guide on what we look for in one, just so one knows their way around the role in this specific server
  • The Ordo Machina: The balance team of the server, responsible for judging homebrew and keeping everything gameplay related in check.
  • Sheet Master: The people that check sheets, help newer players make them and make sure that no-one is cheating.

Everyone who wishes to come in and become staff can apply and have a small trial period to determine their skill.