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Friendly Chats. Anime, Art & Social. Nai's Cafe serves you comfort. The community for you!

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avatar of jam
jam 2 months ago

I fuck with this place heavy. Epic.


avatar of Yamiko
Yamiko 2 months ago

I like the atmosphere and people here are super-friendly overall. I also love the emotes a lot lol ;))


avatar of Raven
Raven 2 months ago

Very chill community if you want to no-life weeb stuff


avatar of Salty
Salty 2 months ago

Khoi, the server owner, is one of the kindest dudes on the platform. The server has such a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and it's definitely one of the better communities that I've been a part of. I definitely recommend giving this server a try. - Salty


avatar of Ohayo^^
Ohayo^^ 2 months ago

Literally speaking, Nais cafe is one of the best servers i have ever joined. The first day and I already made friends there and that's too much for someone who is an introvert lol. But that happened just because of the people in the server, they are super friendly and nice. The mods and the admins too are very sincere and friendly, always there to help you out. The cafe's always active lmao, someones always there to talk with. people are so chill and fun to hang out with'em. There are also karaoke events and movie nights hosted regularly. You also get these awesome emotes here and bots like the dank memer and play mudae and anigame. Loads of fun here so you should definitely join this community and have fun with us!!!


avatar of AmaterasuShiba
AmaterasuShiba 2 months ago

Love the emotes and appreciate the kindness of the community :3


avatar of bee ♡
bee ♡ 2 months ago

this server is really amazing, it is very aesthetically pleasing and it has such a nice community.


avatar of Asteracae
Asteracae 2 months ago

Nai's Cafe is a really great community. The people here are very welcoming and chill and it's easy to lose track of time while chatting about things. The staff are leaned back and very chill, and the members are all really cool as well. I like talking in Nai's Cafe because it just gives that sense of friendliness that is not very common. There are also fun bots like dank memer and mudae to use, so that's awesome too. Definitely worth it to give this server a go! ccx


avatar of Kai™
Kai™ 2 months ago

i can vibe with this.


avatar of NOTENVY
NOTENVY 2 months ago

This server is so active it amazes me, over 10k members! One of the fastest servers I’ve seen grown in a while everyone is so welcoming and friendly here, we have great mods THAT ACTUALLY CARE and don’t abuse they’re powers and listen to the members, I’ve been in this server for quite a while and it’s crazy how so much has changed lots of people joined and it got bigger and expanded, it’s quite hard but they’re like a family! It might be crazy but they are and they hold so many fun events like kahoot, karaoke‘s, and host giveaways!!


avatar of em ᵎᵎ
em ᵎᵎ 2 months ago

This server is definitely one of the best server I've ever been on. The chat is always active and live, also same with the vcs! Everyone is super welcoming and easily fits in with the community. There's super chill staff who engages with you. Not to mention it's also super easy to navigate around to find your channels!


avatar of Noob
Noob 1 month ago

Why did I make this comment