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Cutie Club also offers thousands of features for those who seeks a relationship! Meet new people worldwide or nearby! Get matched for a speed date! Create your dating profile to meet other singles! We also provide a safe and loving community for those who seeks friendship or bonds!

User Reviews


Based on 33 reviews

avatar of ❄☃snow Queen Tia☃❄

This server was trash bro, the mods are mean and get bitchy when you talk about people from ig, they abuse their power and it’s bogus asf and the mods: tempest, Mae and kitten are all mean asf tempest think he better then us, Mae always got some shit to say after someone’s been muted and kitten just a slutty ass mod. Like she kiss a different guy every week and is with a different one everyday


avatar of La Dawn
La Dawn 2 months ago

Hello, this is my view and review on this server. I think the server has a lot of potential but the main problems I would have is the some of the staff members being two faced/hypocritical/abuse of power and the rule where it states that basically "whatever the staff says goes" is conflicting and problematic. This is something that a lot of new people and people who haven't been in a more matured, kinder, and friendly environmental 18+ server will fail to noticed the toxic behavior between Staff and general members. The Owner I never saw really be active and or cares as much about anything, even bringing up the attention of a matter that I was involved with staff. I know this is a dating server but I have some heavy concern to staff members dating each other based on what had happened in a server I used to Admin for a while back this year. Regardless if they can keep it together and keeping relations outside of their mod/Admin work, I don't support this for the fact if things get ugly people can get a trigger finger. Moving onto the next thing, the toxic behavior of staff, I have been lurking from time to time to get the just and understanding of things in the server so I don't step on people's feet but that really bothers me that a lot of the staff has a temper hotter then my own (that says a lot) and honestly how I view is that you have to walk on eggshells for them and treat everything they do that they tell others to stop doing like nothing is wrong, not to mentions repeating themselves to members to stop but not telling the person to stop said action. There are other problems with the server that I see faults in that they (the staff) can ban/mute without warning to people and there are no bots that I've seen take action and or place to warnings on members because staff does it by hand and or takes it upon themselves to lock channels on members on their own biased opinion. A lot of the staff members that I've seen act out as if they were not acting their own age, letting their emotions getting the best of them and making the server unfriendly to people who come to relax and enjoy themselves. That also brings me to the topic Staff v.s. members and the members themselves. There are a lot of people and ofc it's not like another dating servers we shall not name but nonetheless that the members themselves are on a 80% toxic rate and there are some cases where the staff members have triggered them to act out as well, Then you have people who are attention seeking but on a higher level then I could ever have seen, most of the people there are emotionally sensitive and will get upset quickly again, it's like walking on eggshells but fear not, there are some good company on the server but then again those members will be either banned or muted etc because they "trolls" As mention in the post here somewhere which happens not to be the case at least I would say maybe 40%? But oh well, I'm just saying what I've been seeing and have encountered. I think at some point the owner needs to do a Staff change and or rewrite the rules and make sure that people are following the handbook on their server and take their leadership role back and not be (server owners that can't be named) shying away from engaging into the server. The True and only way for the server to bound back is to actually make it easy for everyone to enjoy and have fun but also being unbiased and having the rules be followed by everyone including the staff, surely they can have fun and mess around but Emotional lashing and outburst will break the server and I've seen this too many times in others servers. I only hope for the best and will update if things get better. For now, if you wish to join the server, come in carefully and mind your own, it may look friendly but I assure you if you get targeted by anyone, be ready for toxicity and emotional lashings, and make sure to add your friends in case a ban will be taken on you. This is review is not slander and or trolling this is from a third party view that I've seen take place and only wish to warn others who join the server to come in with caution.


avatar of Astaroth
Astaroth 2 months ago

This server does not provide a "safe and loving community," as it's described. The mods have a major attitude problem. Because they run the server they are allowed to act like spoiled children. If you don’t like that, well, sucks to be you, because they ban anyone who speaks out against them or has a valid issue. They seriously have a rule that you’re not allowed to talk back to them. Not a lot of people like the mods due to how we’re treated and a lot of us talk in DMs about how shit they are. There are countless members I’ve spoken to privately that wished for a better mod team. This server isn’t going to get very far with members if this mod team continues with their toxicity. They constantly call others toxic, but are a highly toxic group themselves. The whole winning factor for this server is the chill adults you get to meet in lounge. Despite how terrible the moderation is, it’s the members that keep the server alive. The whole moderation team hardly talk to regular members and they mainly stick to their own group and private VCs. None of them are willing to call out their fellow mods on their bullshit and when they are breaking their own rules. They hardly use their warn system or mute system, it’s just a straight up ban if you mess up. Sometimes you won’t even recieve a bot message for your ban. If they wish to ban you they can without reason. They can ban simply because they don’t like you. Their appeal system is broken too. If they don’t like you, you don’t get a fair chance to appeal. This server could be great, but the owner, Deity, is shit and his mod team are shit. The owner is hardly active and has his admin “Tempest” running the show. Why would you put a guy in charge who acts high and mighty and treats regular members like trash? This server is never going to become any kind of popular since mods keep getting rid of people and make the server hard to be in for more than a month.


avatar of Christina
Christina 3 months ago

I like this server its pretty neat and well organised and the staffs are pretty cool, you should definitely join and not listen to the reviews made by people who are just mad cause they got banned for being a troll


avatar of Thomas~
Thomas~ 3 months ago

Its one of the best dating server I've joined so far, the staffs are nice and helpful, the chats are active and friendly, i even found a date here! I'd totally recommend everyone to join


avatar of Deleted User
Deleted User 3 months ago

I finished all my roles, and had planned on giving Photo ID Of age, Then I was banned by some candy cane guy For no reason at all. The only thing is said in chat was "lol" after some troll said the server sucks. I guess it does if they ban random people for no reason.


avatar of OmegaX
OmegaX 2 months ago

Simps and dummy heads! But for real tho, this server is bad and so are it's people. They be toxic af.


avatar of James™
James™ 2 months ago

I love this server it's heccin cool! you should join


avatar of Jorgen Floyd
Jorgen Floyd 2 months ago

people on the server suck but what can i expect from a discord server lmao


avatar of Spawn of Satan
Spawn of Satan 2 months ago

Banned for being dyslexic, the mods are so fucking ableist its absolutely ridiculous honestly.


avatar of ChrisXP
ChrisXP 2 months ago

< /svg> < /svg> < /svg> < /svg> < /svg> i was here for almost a week, 1 person reported me and i get banned, no investigation. people here are great and admins try their best to keep it drama free, but they don't investigate what is said in VC, they have private VCs they stay inEdit


avatar of lizzie
lizzie 2 months ago

this server used to be a place I could call home, but after being banned without prior warning, for things I wasn't even a part of, I realized that this is a toxic community that is run by people who are not willing to hear both sides to a story. If you are good at being popular, then you'll thrive in this server, I was not able to appeal said ban and tell them my side of everything, rather they listened to a member who consistently bullied people and straight-up banned me. I felt so unwanted in this server, do not join this hell hole.


avatar of Tia
Tia 2 months ago

Meh its fine, as much as I've encountered its a good server


avatar of Tempest
Tempest 2 months ago

There are several here that simply post negativity that's one-sided rather than understanding Basic guidelines that they didn't follow and as result of not following those basic guidelines they got warned several times, then banned, got a chance to appeal and failed. There are cases where we don't give second chances being trolls/raiders/gangs grouping up and being consistently toxic on the server for no reason whatsoever, or simps that end up just coming over to hate cause their favourite catfish got banned. Regardless, I ask the people that visit this page take the comments with a grain of salt and come look for themselves before judging off of those that were banned for not following rules. If we are in the wrong, we correct our mistakes and we've tried to reason with most of the people that are just spewing pure nonsense and hatred. (Nobody's ever been banned for being dyslexic btw that's just nonsense) Happy holidays, use your own head to think about things and come take a look


avatar of Yatashi-Yama
Yatashi-Yama 2 months ago

The server is pretty nice, I just met the cutest girl on earth here. And the rules are stated/are followed nicely than just having a chaos. The community is chill and i think the server has its potentials


avatar of CarelessBitchy
CarelessBitchy 2 months ago

Lmao i read the reviews and was like "should i join?" but i did anyway and then realised that most reviews are made by trolls LOL. the server is pretty cool. i'm writing a review from a third person's views and i think its a good server


avatar of -ˋ₊˚.‧a̶l̶e̶s̶s̶␈₊°✎ ˎˊ

How is there no Ban Appeal system? I found this server interesting and had lots of potential. I was banned a few minutes ago for "giving compliments and talking about people's looks constantly; I don't know if I'm hurting someone's feelings and it's considered bullying in that server. I don't belong there" This is a summary and not exact words, I am not twisting this in any way nor adding any information to the phrase. Firstly I only mentioned appearances in that server twice under the false impression that it was a private confession. My understanding was that no one could see it and I could express myself in any way without censorship as long as it wasn't illegal or completely inappropriate. I will be honest, I spoke along the lines of simply not being attracted to most guys on the server. In addition, I like photography, so I mentioned that angles, lighting, etc, can all play a role in the quality of a photo. I made sure to state I was not seeking to harm anyone. So in my defense, it was a private message and if anyone took severely inappropriate then it should have been brought to someone's attention so it can be discussed in a group setting similar to a jury. I even responded to one individual that thought I only cared about looks and explain my perspective: physical attraction and emotional attraction are both necessary but to different degrees for different people. It ended peacefully after that. The second mention was a message I sent today. I said that someone "had really pretty droopy eyes, I don't mean for that to come off rude or offensive, but it makes sense to me. I like them, and that's all." So many models make a career out of droopy hooded eyes, there's even a theory about the abundance of celebrities with droopy hooded eyes. If it was taken offensively then bring it to my attention and delete it. There is no rule stating "Don't talk about peoples' looks." There was no forewarning that our private confessions were visible to some people. I'm hardly on this server but often when I'm online I find myself reporting a racist or something else outrageous. Shouldn't the focus be on that instead of a few comments that SOME people found offensive, especially when I clarified it was not my intention? I believe that I should have been given the chance to defend myself instead of being kicked out by an unknown mod, with a basis that has no grounds or evidence. If I HURT someone, I apologize and try and make it right. If someone is hurt because of a comment, they need to seek out a conversation as well as consider if it's even worth being offended. I thought after I had my own terrible experience with a groomer FROM that server (I of course provided evidence) who was recognized as having done so in the past in that server, I thought that my experience there would be good. What does it matter... I'm just one random on the internet whose opinion and experience doesn't matter to the people in Cutie Club.