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Welcome to ƊOƝ! We are a gaming community mainly focused on CoD:Mobile.





Our clan was founded in October 2019 and lead by ƊOƝャRAJPUT#6217. The ƊOƝ family is currently home to more than 100 members across the globe who battle daily to be on top of the global leaderboard.

ƊOƝ is comprised of two CODM clans. The first clan is highly competitive in The Global Leaderboards for both Multiplayer and Battle Royale. The other clan is a casual clan.

ƊOƝ focuses on creating a one of a kind community for like minded gamers to participate in fun game play and a friendly discord server.

All members have access to the same information regarding CODM, opportunities to compete in BR/MP teams, and play in ƊOƝ only events.

If you are looking for a CODM family, there is no better place than the ƊOƝ family. So come, join our server and apply to be part of the family.

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