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Fortnite Gaming Among Us

Neonite - Gaming Community Discord Server

Community Info:

Activity Roles:

-Veteran - Levels: 15 & 9 | VC & Text

-Elite - Levels: 10 & 6 | VC & Text

-Champion - Levels: 5 & 3 | VC & Text

Text Channels:

-General Chat

-Other Languages

-Bot Commands


Voice Chats:

-For - 2 Users, 3 Users, 4 Users, 6 Users.

-General - Talk

-General - Other Languages

-Stream Only - Listen

-Spam - No Limits



-Self Promotion (YouTube Only)

-Locker Combo Sharing

-Looking For Parties

-Gaming Discussion

-Fortnite Discussion

-Fortnite Clan Advertising

-Fortnite Voice Chats - Duos, Trios, Squads, Creative.

-Fortnite Item Shop & Season Progress Updates

-Fortnite Leaks Updates (Top Leakers in the Fortnite Community from &

Unique and special Fortnite Related Bots

Roles Info:

-Updates (Ping Role)

-FN Leaks (Ping Role)

-Content Creator



-Mega IQ

For more information regarding the roles & the equipment of them please join the Discord Server and check the #information channel.