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Discord Hangouts

A friendly and chill community server. We host nitro giveaways frequently, have active chats, and excellent moderation. Join today!

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Discord Hangouts

Discord Hangouts is a community server where you can chill, with little to no drama.

  • We have a gaming channel where you can talk about any game such a valorant, among us, etc.!
  • We host nitro giveaways very frequently, and have a lot of easy ways to get rewards.
  • We have plenty of ways for you to grow your own server such as a self-promo channel,
  • giveaways for server shoutouts, letting our members sponsor giveaways with server-joining requirements
  • Boosting perks which include shoutouts in the announcement channel, the owner joining your server, and more! Dont miss out!
  • partnerships with low requirements

User Reviews


Based on 4 reviews

avatar of Apple Pie
Apple Pie 18 days ago

This is a very friendly server with many fun things to do. They do nitro giveaways, events, and you can really see that the owner cares about everyone individually because he still welcomes new members and stays active in the community. The server is definitely worth 5 stars.


avatar of Grant
Grant 7 days ago

This community is small but really nice, everyone here seems lovely. A perfect little place to talk and relax. (:


avatar of Mr. Homeless
Mr. Homeless 21 days ago

Good server, the staff is pretty nice. :,) Not perfect tho.


avatar of King Undead
King Undead 2 days ago