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₊˚𐐪 ⨯ Red Spirit :・。゚

・A sfw community 4 everyone

・A friendly community with members you can talk to

・Lots of nitro giveaways & events - lets have fun together

・An anime loving community - lets be weebs together

・Over 500 amazing emotes you could use

・Fun bots you could play around with

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avatar of aviator
aviator 3 months ago

Love the server more than my own top class staff and community must join, and ofc super legit and nice owner


avatar of Judge Pepe
Judge Pepe 3 months ago

Amazing server, staff is amazing 10/10 server! Nice owner aswell!!


avatar of Smol_Snek
Smol_Snek 3 months ago

Best Server i know. Very welcoming, Nice staff, legit giveaways and lots of fun bots. Would recommend


avatar of ~ t u b b o x ~
~ t u b b o x ~ 3 months ago

Very Beatiful Theme Of the Server and Roles, And Lots of Giveaways


avatar of Sparsh
Sparsh 3 months ago

Superb Aesthetic server! Awesome theme and emotes, just one complaint that is the owner (ilikeapples) doesn't like apples at all.


avatar of ❅‧₊˚ 𝕱𝖎𝖟𝖟𝖞 ❀ 𝕰𝖑𝖋 ˖⋆࿐໋₊

Very friendly people within the server, and they're looking all the time with suggestions on how to make it even better than it is. (Not sure it can get any better) Has some fun game bots, media channels, and an extremely active chat, like beautiful overall especially with the new revamp. The only thing that I would suggest is having a better plan with raids when they happen it gets chaotic, but they still handles it wonderfully. Keep growing! ~Much love from Fizzy


avatar of Yummie
Yummie 3 months ago

Even though I haven't been talking in the main lounge myself, I can tell if I did, I would have a great time. I mean, everyone seems nice and funny! The server looks very pretty and of course, gives away nitro! How nice. >//< Honestly just a wholesome community. They also have fun bots you can use like Mudae or pokecord which are always nice to have. Well, in all honesty, if you like chatting, the community is very nice and funny.OwO


avatar of Peaches
Peaches 3 months ago

great server ,amazing staff, layout of the server just too good and join rn or I will take the fattest shit on ur forehead


avatar of AC
AC 2 months ago

Good server except for this staff called AC he is the most annoying person ever, but u should join amazing server, nice people, epic giveaways, and active chat


avatar of chizer10
chizer10 2 months ago

Good server, But there is this really cool guy but hes a black batman hes really cool if you call out to him he will prob respond


avatar of O_o
O_o 3 months ago

Great owner, great staff, great community, great bots, BASICALLY GREAT EVERYTHING! Tons of giveaway for u to enter! (Seriously, a ton of giveaways). If that aint enough, we have 48 boosts and over 15k members waiting for you! Red Spirits is awesome bro


avatar of Dinta
Dinta 2 months ago

Anyway, that's good


avatar of Shotsicle
Shotsicle 2 months ago

It's a really good themed, active good server, I really like the community and it's mod.


avatar of BobaFloof
BobaFloof 24 days ago

It's a really aesthetic and a really nice server I rate it 10/10!


avatar of Lunaaa
Lunaaa 8 days ago

It's a really nice server with a lot of friendly people who will look out for each other. Something just seems special about this server idk what tho. Lonerrr 😊


avatar of Ivy
Ivy 4 days ago

Really active server and really friendly!


avatar of 𝓟𝓞𝓵𝓲𝓽𝓲𝓒𝓼

The whole server is so nice, their welcoming and funny! It can be easy to get noticed, with a very active chat at night or morning- depending on your time, but otherwise its not so active to the point u don’t get noticed i love this server and everyone in it :))

avatar of Red Spirit 🏮
Red Spirit 🏮 1 month ago

We try our best to make it active thank you so much for your support it means a lot to us <3

Replying to 𝓟𝓞𝓵𝓲𝓽𝓲𝓒𝓼