Animal Crossing community for kind & helpful people!


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We host contests & giveaways, promote fair trading and have fun games to play! Join our community for the latest game news & tips.

  • Split profit turnip runs (earn 20M+ bells in just a few hours)
  • Regular giveaways, contests & events
  • DIY crafting visits & fair DIY trades
  • Catalog Island: Unlock every orderable item!
  • Free Celeste, Redd, Kicks, Leif and meteor shower visits
  • Complete Amiibo Card (Series 1-4) for villager orders
  • Fun Games: Trivia Bot, Piggy, Cards Against Humanity, Music Quiz

User Reviews


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avatar of electric burrito
electric burrito 5 days ago

Great server! Helpful community. If you are looking for a fun community that is engaging and creative this is the group for you


avatar of Sushiify
Sushiify 9 days ago

Hey! Im sushiify from the server. I want to win the giveaway so im giving a 5 star review! The server is amazing!


avatar of technicolorgirl
technicolorgirl 5 days ago

This server is so friendly and so helpful. Don't expect constant spamming that will drive you crazy (like in some other huge servers), instead expect a community of people who love to talk about the game and trade when one another!