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Sρσσρу Gαℓαχу

Dank Galaxy, is a server mainly focused on Dank Memer with a bunch of giveaways for it, premium activated, rob/heist permanently disabled.


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Giveaway Economy Gaming

Welcome to Dank Galaxy!

This is a Premium Dank Memer based server with daily Dank Memer giveaways and events.

Perks of Premium: 💠 Far shorter command cooldown time 💠 Access to pls weekly, a command that gives you a heckofalotta money

We frequently have giveaways daily, with huge giveaways of 100k+ Dank Memer coins. Also, we will routinely have Nitro giveaways! Be on the lookout for those!

About the rest of the server 🔹 We have self roles so we don't run into 'everyone' pings a lot.

🔹 There's many channels to mess around and have fun in.

🔹 We have a Pokécord category that you can get access to in the self roles channel.

🔹 There's many entertaining bots OwO, Bro Bot, Mudae and much more.

I hope that you can support us, give suggestions and help our server grow, and come check us out at Dank Galaxy 😎.