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After change is a active community clear of toxicity and racism with giveaways, perks, events and more. Come check us out!




↠━━ღ Update 04/04/2021: ღ━━↞

We have included the following within the server.. ❀ ~ Perks for boosting ❀ ~ Perks for inviting ❀ ~ Perks/giveaway for being a supporter [Voting] ❀ ~ Currently have a week long event happening with prizes ❀ ~ We're hiring middleemans!

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Welcome to After Change, we are a trading and general server! Roblox , MM2 , Royale High , Adopt Me , Robux . We do events, daily drops, givewaways and much more.. come and see for yourself!

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avatar of After Change
After Change 2 months ago

you're pretty great yourself ;))

Replying to alecksis

avatar of Bumblebee™
Bumblebee™ 2 months ago

Very very cool server, there are so many cool people, giveaways, etc - i rly rly enjoy to chat with everyone in the Server. The revamp was a great idea and it looks even better now :)


avatar of KaruoYuu
KaruoYuu 3 months ago

Very good server I'm here since december. Even if I'm not very active, I love this server

avatar of After Change
After Change 3 months ago

We're glad to have you here!

Replying to KaruoYuu

avatar of After Change
After Change 2 months ago

glad you're having a great experience!

Replying to RxainbowSkys<3

avatar of Steveo
Steveo 2 months ago

Hands down the best server out there, super nice, kind and supportive staff and plenty of giveaways, events and so much more!! best server out there without a doubt.


avatar of enquixLr
enquixLr 2 months ago

Definitely the best server I've been till this day, it has a friendly community, active staff. I joined this server at June 22, 2020. I joined this server just because of boost rewards which were really good but I absolutely love chatting here, it's a Ludicrous server.


avatar of FalconWasNotTaken
FalconWasNotTaken 2 months ago

One of the best servers out there for rewards best community Active Owners, Active Staff ive been in this server since December 28th 2020 and i absolutely love it and After Change is the best :D.

avatar of After Change
After Change 2 months ago

We love having you here Falcon! great staff member too <3

Replying to FalconWasNotTaken

avatar of Pomi
Pomi 2 months ago

Yes it is a super good comunity and i love it


avatar of KillerWasTaken
KillerWasTaken 2 months ago

Its an awesome server with active staff, good moderation, active members big robux giveaways and awesome owners lots of invite events and level events been in this server for over 6-7 months and don't plan on leaving it any time soon ;).


avatar of Helga
Helga 2 months ago

I like this server like i love beckys sea monkeys >:)


avatar of ItzCloudy
ItzCloudy 2 months ago

Great server with lots of giveaway and lovely member and community


avatar of Raven💥
Raven💥 2 months ago

good and legit server lost of cool emotes and an active chat


avatar of Erin
Erin 2 months ago

everyone here is super duper nice and the layout of the server is cool ! overall its a very great server :>


avatar of Killer109
Killer109 2 months ago

This server has many good things about it good moderation, awesome people, and they even giveaway up to 6k-3k robux so just be toxic or trash talk the server or you'll be banned!


avatar of P095W49
P095W49 2 months ago

This server is one of the best servers I’ve encountered on discord for the past 2 Years. The staff, owners, and members are all amazing and this server is mostly always active with a few people talking. This server has amazing events, rewards, giveaways and daily drops! Join now to win tons of robux and in-game items! I’ve been in this server since May 25th 2020 (OG) and I’m glad I didn’t leave the server :D ❤️.


avatar of tat
tat 2 months ago

The community is cool, even though I'm not active within it, I'm witnessing it.


avatar of MrDino
MrDino 2 months ago

Very legit server


avatar of After Change
After Change 2 months ago

Sorry are you even in the server? yk without being banned for nuking servers?

Replying to Jakey Boi

avatar of Jason™
Jason™ 2 months ago

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avatar of After Change
After Change 2 months ago

Well jason we're sorry you had this experience, i can reassure you that we have channels and channels of proof. We had 800 boosters not all of them can claim at the same time. But maybe it's because you're actually banned from our server. iidazii has a lot of messages he cannot reply to all of them which is why we have staff handle the dms and rewards.

Replying to Jason™