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WELCOME TO RPG ARMY SOLDIER! πŸŽ‰DAILY EPIC RPG GIVEAWAYS πŸŽ‰ Server full of friendly people focused around EPIC RPG.




-WE ARE ARMY THEMED, as you progress you will gain different military ranks with different benefits (from Private -> ⭐General⭐) -every player is tagged with current area + horse tier (you can quickly find partner) -you can activate reminders (for example bot sends you dm msg when you can buy lootbox) -we have guide for every area in EPIC RPG. plus other tips & tricks -many other rewards based on activity In welcome screens you must choose your current AREA + HORSE TIER

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avatar of ・ᴍᴏᴏɴ・

Amazing server. Very organized in Categories + Icons, making the channels super clean & easy to find. The staff is very helpful, understanding & friendly. The server has a notification system that sends ping for events such as coin rain ("catch"), the epic tree ("chop"), or the megalodon event ("fish"), in addition to giveaways and arena/miniboss events. It's the most organized server I've ever seen, facilitating the search for duels, horse breeding, dungeons, guilds, and partners. It also has a section entirely dedicated to guides with useful information for new and experienced players. And last but not least, the army themed makes is fun and very rewarding.


avatar of ||HowlingDJ||
||HowlingDJ|| 4 months ago

Amazing server with lots of roles and a boosted arena and miniboss list. Easy to find people to do duel and horse breeding with. Daily giveaways and nitro giveaways once in a while. Amazing leveling system like the army with recruit and Sargent and so forth. Have lots of helpers with epic rpg related stuff and server stuff. Moderation is good so there is no NSFW content.


avatar of Windy Inverst
Windy Inverst 3 months ago

awesome server and a lot of fun people there


avatar of Genius-Am-I?
Genius-Am-I? 3 months ago

A server with good staff, a server with helpful additional commands that gives perfect calculations that make your experience more efficient in every way. Lots of helpful commands, oh wait I already said that, well I'll say that again. This server is a must to join, it's the best in every way, and you just have to follow the rules and remember to never break them for your own selfishness. :O


avatar of Elly ღ
Elly ღ 3 months ago

Its a very good server so far, full of friendly ppl and easy going staffs. I and WE ALL never regret joining the server. Enjoyable! The funs never end ~. Aha! its a very helpful server for epic rpg players, full of guides and experienced players that can guides us! Believe me, you won't regret joining! Your life will full of fun if ya hang around with friendly ppl here! So, what are you waiting for? Cmon join and see it for yourself!


avatar of PranJaL
PranJaL 2 months ago

Best server for RPG as it has everything, from event reminders to boosted mbs and arenas. Perfect place for finding any help of the bot and dungeon helpers.


avatar of JJ Binks
JJ Binks 1 month ago

Great server! Daily giveaways, amazing staff, and lots of fun! 5 stars


avatar of AntMan
AntMan 1 month ago

We want YOU for RPG Army! Come join the empire and help us grow now, we shall reward you with interesting prizes if you do so! This is obviously just a slogan I made up. Here's an actual review: An interesting and majestic server, has a lot of great features that keep updating non-stop with new great features, with great members and staff. Especially as the owners work very hard just to try and update everything on a daily basis, thanks to all the staff and Dan and Diab!


avatar of No Name
No Name 13 days ago

Really good servers. This server has an attractive design, but also neatly arranged. Very friendly and helpful staff, as well as truly Discord compliant server. This server also have complete features as well that may help you, such as EPIC RPG Helper (Dungeon Helper, Enchant, and mores), and many bots in it. There's also a social zone, levelling system, and claiming squadron will help you find new friends. What is clear, this server is a server I really recommend for those of you who want to make new friends and play some bots.


avatar of Zidax
Zidax 9 days ago

I love this server more than the official server of Epic RPG! They are so accomodating especially the staff and to other members that are willing to help you and give you detailed information regarding your questions. They really give the effort to help you out with your concern and of course not in the money/coins lmao! They also give you options on how they will ping you from updates, announcements, events, giveaways, and other stuff too! They also do their job maintaining the server's reputation and they really implement each rules with no BIAS or what so ever so I will give this a 5* rating!


avatar of Goldherox
Goldherox 9 days ago

The best server, I ever joined. Joined back in September 20, 2020 and been in the server since then. The server has very good staff and admin, as well as great helpers and GA managers. They have frequent Giveaways relating to Epic RPG and as well as tons of events such as "coin rain", "epic tree", "megalodon" and many others. I highly recommend trying out this server! Its one of the more organized RPG servers that I have joined, fantastic for duels, horse breeding, and finding a partner for dungeons. The have useful information for both new and experienced players in #help-and-questions.


avatar of nycguy
nycguy 3 days ago

Love this server as it’s laid back and active. Nice admin crew too with some fancy features and grest community engagement.


avatar of Mirres
Mirres 11 days ago

Lots of rule breaking. Left after slurs used.


avatar of TT0-1 Giveaways

Hint 3 below (Write to πŸ’¬β•eng-sipping-chat:) GA: Sever Anniversary is coming soon!!!


avatar of BEAR
BEAR 3 days ago

best server ever