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Struggling to find friends, somewhere to vent, or a homely server? We offer you the place of fun enjoyment! Along with everyday activity, constant giveaways & rewarding events!

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avatar of Ishi
Ishi 4 months ago

The server overall is a fine place to be. I would recommend you check it out. It took me time to get used to the crowd in the server, but the server is great if you want to have a conversation with a small group of people at a time. As long as you follow the rules and respect one and another then it is quite the peaceful server. It is a great place to get into if you want to make some online friends from the ages of 13-20. you may find people older than 20 that hangout once and awhile. The owner is a great guy and the staff are fun to have around. When you are there for awhile you start to see that the server treats each and every member like their own family. We may have weird conversations here and there, but there will be a time that this server is perfect for you. the chat is consistently talking about things that happen around them which makes it entertaining. We have a lot of people from around the globe that you can easily communicate with to find out what is happening near them with nobody being toxic about it. We may be immature and silly with some maturity. never take anything too serious in this chat as the server is there to be enjoyed and to have fun.


avatar of ゲイのセックス | a

New Line is a great server, I've been apart the community for almost two years now? They've been there with me through a lot, even if they don't realize it. The owner is very friendly and has an open mind and genuinely cares about the people in the server. The server is super accepting, and welcoming to everyone who joins. Theres lot to do and lots of people to talk to. 10/10 Would recommend