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Pokecord is a fun and interactive bot that allows you to catch, trade, battle and more!



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<b>Announcements:</b> As you may have experienced our bot in your server very recently, some of our team has left and kicked the bot from your servers. The developers that left have created another copy of our bot. (Pokecord #3115) Sorry for any inconvenience. By choosing our bot over their copy, you may have access to your save file if you started one with our bot.

<b>Update Logs:</b> The following features are integrated into the bot:

  • Catching Pokémon
  • BETA Shop
  • Command to change prefix (More features coming soon!)

<b>Our Mission:</b> Our mission is to present you with the best Pokémon bot on Discord. With an amazing, supportive team, we work hard to bring you our best work and hope to help re-create that good old Pokécord feeling that we once had.

<b>Pokécord Notes:</b> To get started, type p+start to pick your first Pokémon! If you need help with commands or you want to configure the bot, type p!help! If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to join our support server. You are always welcome to get extra help if you need it!

<b>Website:</b> https://pokecord.xyz

User Reviews


Based on 11 reviews

avatar of warzone
warzone 3 months ago

dont play this bot, you will mad ( trust me because the mods suck + they bad ( #roseah_maddie_team ) )


avatar of Dustie
Dustie 3 months ago

I lost half my credits cause that hackers ;/ ( not recommended ) oh ya this game not fun for free to play ( p2w will win -_- )


avatar of CRZA
CRZA 1 month ago

Nothing just another discord server


avatar of NazmuL
NazmuL 1 month ago

This is a great server............ there stuff is awesome........


avatar of irv
irv 3 months ago

a discord server ._.


avatar of HootingTRex《☆》Lapras

great server and a fun game that i have enjoyed ever since playing and joining communities based around it!


avatar of PandaDaGod6
PandaDaGod6 1 month ago

ALL HAIL POKECORD!!!!!!!!!!!! Pokecord is the greatest idk what else to say lmao this is just facts xD


avatar of Crian
Crian 1 month ago

great server and a fun game