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avatar of ✨do do do commercial breakk✨
✨do do do commercial breakk✨ 2 days ago

Hello, I have been on this server for 2 or 3 weeks and I really enjoy it come inside and I can be your guide @do do do commercial break. I will warn you there are cursing on this server so if you don't like people cursing then we will try to keep it at a minimum. But overall I think you would enjoy this server.

avatar of 🌊The Alpha Lounge🌊
🌊The Alpha Lounge🌊 2 days ago

Thanks for the positive feedback, I hope you have a good day! O_O

Replying to ✨do do do commercial breakk✨

avatar of Trace
Trace 1 day ago

I have been on this server for almost 2 months and this is the only server I go on when opening Discord. This is the one server that treats everybody like a family. They accept everyone and there is little to no bullying. The owner is really nice, and it is NOT a copy of SoundDrout's server anymore. If I was you, I'd join this server.


avatar of Chubbs
Chubbs 1 day ago

Pretty ok server, joined a few weeks ago, the community is pretty ok, sometimes the chat dies, but I guess it isn't really their fault. The positive fact is that it is organized and fancy, there are no channels that are useless, all of them have a good purpose of having them around, 7/10, there are some things that can be improved though.


avatar of WaterBottleMan
WaterBottleMan 1 day ago

cool server


avatar of !Orange2!
!Orange2! 1 day ago

too many pings, but chill server


avatar of P5rker
P5rker 1 day ago

fun server with an active vc


avatar of QuintsTokyoz
QuintsTokyoz 1 day ago

emojis are nice