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A Dank Memer Trading Server(Rob and Heist Disabled) with Daily Giveaways, Friendly Heists, and a fun and welcoming community.



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  • We have Rob and Heist DISABLED
  • We giveaway MILLIONs of coins everyday
  • Cheap prices for dank memer items
  • Fun events with great rewards
  • Friendly community
  • We do friendly heists(Millions Everyday)
  • 300+ Emotes

User Reviews


Based on 74 reviews

avatar of Mikey
Mikey 5 months ago

Great trading server, in fact, I'd say it's probably the best trading server around. The market is excellent and it's super easy to buy and sell anything that you need. They also do tons of big heists, they did the two largest heists in dank memer 155 million and 200 million. All around great server, would recommend joining if you play dank memer.


avatar of Advil
Advil 5 months ago

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avatar of Megumin
Megumin 4 months ago

It might sound abit cheesy, but i would like to say thank you. The people in this community and Dank Store really helped me with my depression during mid 2020. I would love to wake up and get on discord and just chat to all u and it would really help me get through my day. And i would like to give a big thank you to all u amazing staff members for making this community grow and become what it is today.


avatar of jackens
jackens 5 months ago

its a really nice server with friendly staff and members


avatar of 1nxte11
1nxte11 3 months ago

The best server you could possibly imagine. Here they have a friendly and active staff team and a very friendly and welcoming community. They offer various activities such as events and trading. They have the best tips and many more!


avatar of Lambo
Lambo 5 months ago

This is by far my fav server of all the ones I am in. The trading system is extremely efficient and the staff were all very helpful and nice when I first joined the server. It has an amazing community and I would definitely recommend this server to anyone even if it isnā€™t necessarily for just trading.


avatar of KeeMi
KeeMi 5 months ago

Very active dank memer server, Lots of gaws and heists and very friendly community. Nothing better than servers I joined before!


avatar of TommyInnit
TommyInnit 4 months ago

I got banned. I mean i did spam ping in a different server. But it wasnt this one. And it was for a reason. They were bullying me and i only pinged certain ppl. Plus i was false accused of false accusing which makes NO SENCE. unban me please -_- User: Silent Sins#6666


avatar of Psinfinity
Psinfinity 3 months ago

No chat is left dead. Except maybe trading 2, but thats the perfect climate to trade in and not get trade sniped. out of 5 stars i rate so many stars i would probably get kicked for spamming by typing them. Its a really nice community, only scammers are toxic.


avatar of BlueFolderInAGrayWorld

Awesome server for trading! Everyone is really friendly and nice, but I got banned for some reason. (To be honest, I don't recall doing anything bad, but I probably did lol) Besides that, it's the perfect server to trade, hangout, and make a few friends!


avatar of cursed naruto
cursed naruto 3 months ago

really good for me lots of heist and really cool mods are nice are not toxic too emotes are really fun too use.


avatar of NIGHTdoge
NIGHTdoge 2 months ago

Dank Trades is simply the best server I've ever been in with a great community and staff. The trading, donating, and auctioning processes are very simple and easy. I have been in Dank Trades for 7+ months. The dedicated staff enforce rules very well and have created great systems for events, auctions, heists, and donations. Being one of the older members that are active, I truly recommend this server to all dank users and traders.


avatar of Pick A Username
Pick A Username 4 months ago

Epic server, friendly community and staff, tons of giveaways and great rewards! Best dank memer server out there


avatar of apple
apple 3 months ago

Easily my favorite dank memer server. It has by far the most active trading market, whenever I need to buy/sell things I can almost always find someone. Great community as well, tons of giveaways, and they have several large heists everyday. Would recommend joining!


avatar of Yuka
Yuka 5 months ago

What I like: This server has the best booster/donor perks. Even single boosters can get a custom role. Huge trading community, clever auctions system. Staffs are always there to help. What I DON'T like: The donation system is kinda confusing, "send the coins to a giveaway manager and make sure you ping them, so they'll make a note of your donation." aren't we supposed to ask for confirmation before donating? The reason of skipped/not hosted auction requests is because "they/you were offline", when they literally start hosting auctions an hour after we post our request. Auctioneers should've DMed the offline requesters instead of skipping them. It's kinda forcing us to be online when we also have lives outside Discord.


avatar of Romina
Romina 4 months ago

I too got banned from this server IDK y and even my friends got banned we didn't scam or spam anything we were level 9 trusted may pls see to it