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Dank Memer Premium Server┆Rob and Heist Permanently Disabled┆Huge Giveaways and Heists Daily┆Trade Channels┆Fun Community ツ




●▬▬ The Dank Treasury ▬▬● ┏ Active Chat! ┣ Dank Memer Based Server! ┣ Daily Pepe Trophy! ┣ Hourly 10m Heists! ┗ Dank Memer Premium Server!

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avatar of Xsadme
Xsadme 3 months ago

Its probably the best Dank Memer server there is. There are giveaways like every minute and the people there are active and awesome! Sometimes there are even nitro giveaways and heists of over 1 million dank memer coins AND rob and bankrob is disabled!


avatar of ★彡༺ Devil༻彡★

Awesome server! They do over 50 million in heists and giveaways every week! Really dope server would highly recommend.


avatar of sanis0p
sanis0p 3 months ago

This is one of the best Dank Memer Servers I have server seen there is giveaways almost every 10mins and the staff is really nice. There is also Nitro giveaways and Xbox game pass giveaways which are really easy to get.


avatar of ᲼᲼
᲼᲼ 1 month ago

This is an absolutely awesome server. There are daily huge giveaways (including Nitro), many big heists, great customer support, and a super friendly server :) There's nothing about this server that you won't like.


avatar of RetroGamer20775™

It is a nice Dank Memer based server. But recently, giveaways have decreased and long giveaways are becoming shorter and shorter. Great work from >ninja<, but i feel that the giveaways must be a bit longer. Also, there are 2 mil heists daily which is a huge plus and rob and heists are disabled. I would recommend this server because it is great and it is also a premium server. The staff try to help you with what they know and what they dont know, that is a very rare case; i have not seen such a case since the past 3 months in which i was there in this server.

avatar of The Dank Treasury
The Dank Treasury 2 months ago

We will make sure to have many longer giveaways!

Replying to RetroGamer20775™

avatar of Wixzy
Wixzy 1 month ago

I'm speechless.


avatar of Deleted User
Deleted User 3 months ago

Noice server - daily heists and mad giveaways (like 50+ every day!)


avatar of Arno~
Arno~ 22 days ago

Probably the best Dank Memer server i've seen! Giveaways 24/7, selfroles, daily heists with high HIGH pay-outs, Active staff and welcoming community. Would absolutely recommend joining if you use Dank Memer regulary!


avatar of *E*
*E* 1 month ago

The dank treasury nab kek jk it great


avatar of Tzuri
Tzuri 1 month ago

best dank memer server!!!! so much heist and giveaways I got like 10 million coins from the server(and lost 6mil cause i died without life saver) and there is not fake giveaways like in other servers.


avatar of Pickles G1T7
Pickles G1T7 22 days ago

Legit and very nice. Rob disabled, and everyone is funny. :)))) It's legit.


avatar of dass
dass 22 days ago

Its probably the best Dank Memer server that i have joined, there's daily Giveaways, daily Trophies, Medals, Pecs. There's active people on the server, + rob and bankrob is disabled for the server


avatar of SamarthPlayzYT on YouTube

This is probably the best Dank Memer server in existence. They do over 1 billion worth of giveaways each week! They have a daily trophy and medal. Most of the time, there are many medals done in a day! I have probably won over 50 million here. I definitely recommend that you join this server. You will not regret joining. Join today!


avatar of wHeezy
wHeezy 24 days ago

Getting straight to the point, this server is amazing. There's no word to describe how good it is, there are multiple giveways and huge heists. The giveways are amazing, I literally got a pepe medal from all the coins I was getting from this server. Thanks TDT!


avatar of Vincenzo
Vincenzo 22 days ago

Best dank server ever. People are nice and fun. Lots of gaws and heists. Pls join!


avatar of skitas
skitas 22 days ago

Ton of Gaws/Heist/Event. Huge Gaw/Heist for Booster Only. Rob/Heist Disabled. Join When?


avatar of Sohanhi
Sohanhi 22 days ago

Good Server. Is my favorite server, and has lot of giveaways and heists. Join this server.


avatar of HaZe
HaZe 22 days ago

This server is the only one i grind on for dank memer and is the best. With active staff and people. And alot of gaws ❤